Save on Your Water Bill with Albuquerque Xeriscape Landscaping

Save on Your Water Bill with Albuquerque Xeriscape Landscaping

Water. We all need it to live. But it costs a pretty penny in hot, dry places like Albuquerque!

What if you could slash your outdoor water use – and your utility bills – without sacrificing curb appeal or resorting to a patchy dirt yard? I’m talking about cutting water use by 75-90 percent just by picking plants that don’t need much hydration.

It’s called xeriscaping, and it’s catching on big time in Albuquerque for residential and commercial properties. Today, you’ll earn what xeriscaping is all about and why it rocks for saving money and keeping yards gorgeous!

What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is landscaping designed to require little to no irrigation beyond natural rainfall. Drought-tolerant plants are chosen that don’t need regular watering to survive and thrive.

This approach has boomed in popularity over the last 30 years as folks in sunny, arid parts of the U.S. look for ways to curb outdoor water usage. With droughts common in the Southwest since the 1950s, water comes at a premium cost.

The city of Albuquerque was quick to get on board the xeriscape train. The local water authority urges homeowners to cut way back on yard watering. Many locals have heeded that call by swapping in xeriscape plants for water-guzzling grass and ornamentals.

Why Xeriscape Works in Albuquerque

There are some great reasons xeriscaping has flourished in Albuquerque:

  • It’s eco-friendly, using native plants tailored to the desert climate.
  • Homeowners can slash outdoor water use by up to 90% compared to lawns.
  • Lower utility bills! Some cities even offer rebates for removing thirsty landscaping.
  • Way less maintenance without constant mowing, pruning, and watering.
  • Property values increase thanks to the natural, wildlife-friendly habitat.

To convert to xeriscaping, you replace existing grass and flowerbeds with attractive gravel mulch and plants adapted to desert life. Luckily there’s a huge variety of gorgeous dry-climate plants to pick from.

Xeriscape Plant Picks

Xerophytes are plants that have evolved to live with little rainfall. Thanks to its arid climate, Albuquerque has endless options for xerophytic plants that thrive despite heat and drought.

Cacti are the ultimate xeriscape choice. Their fleshy stems and waxy skin allow cacti to store water for lean times. But cacti are just the beginning! Many perennials like sedums and ice plants require minimal hydration once established. Grasses, shrubs, even some fruit trees can flourish under xeriscape care.

Efficient Watering

Xeriscaping relies on irrigation methods like drip hoses and bubblers that target water to each plant’s roots. This prevents waste from overspraying. Plants with similar needs are grouped together for optimal water use.

Combined with turf alternatives like buffalo grass, a well-planned xeriscape system can slash irrigation water usage by 75% or more compared to bluegrass lawn. Your water bill will thank you!

Save Green by Going Green

Beyond the water savings, xeriscaping costs much less than traditional landscaping. No daily mowing or pruning required! And native desert plants rarely need fertilizer, spraying, or other maintenance once settled in.

Let clouds be your sprinklers and desert winds your hedge trimmers! Xeriscaping offers a budget-friendly, eco-conscious way to beautify your yard while conserving our most precious resource.

Live the Xeriscape Lifestyle in Albuquerque

Ready to save some serious cash and water while still enjoying a gorgeous landscape? Call the xeriscaping gurus at R&S Landscaping today at 505-271-8419 for a free quote!