Hedge, Bush, and Shrub Trimming Services

For Albuquerque bush, shrub, and hedge trimming services the Albuquerque landscaping and plant trimming company to hire it is R & S Landscaping. The company has been serving the Albuquerque greater metro area and local communities since 1990. Over the last 30 years, our talented team of skilled specialists has been helping Albuquerque homeowners and business owners keep their plants trimmed perfectly, producing gorgeous home appearance curb appeal and relaxing, stunning, picturesque landscaping.   


Hedge Trimming Bush Trimming and Shrub Trimming Albuquerque NM R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419 a

& S Landscaping, an Albuquerque, NM, landscaping company in business now
for 30 years, is ready today to serve all your plant trimming needs with the
hard-earned skill sets and team  required
to perform the proper trimming needed on all your Albuquerque home’s bushes,
shrubs and hedges inclusive of any type, size or height, with no restrictions. We
will collaborate with your directly to trim the plants on your property to the specifications
you desire and then collaborate with you to create an annual plan to maintain
the look and health of your plants all year long.

company has the team, expertise, and hard-earned skill sets to maintain your
property’s hedges, bushes, and shrubs so the look amazing and stay healthy. Our
complete hedge, bush and shrub trimming, and maintenance services include the

  • All varieties hedges, bushes, and shrubs
  • Hedge trimming
  • Shrub trimming
  • Bush pruning
  • Removal of overgrown hedges
  • Visually appealing pruning
  • Home & Business property

Book an Appointment for hedge, bush, or shrub trimming services, call us today at  505-271-8419 or contact  R & S Landscaping today.

Keep Your Albuquerque Home’s Hedges, Bushes
and Shrubs Trimmed Year-Round—Here’s Why

maintained outdoor plants such as hedges, bushes, and shrubs, make your yard look
great, enhance the value of your home and they will assist you in maintaining
the health of the plants, reduce bugs, and improve your home’s privacy because
full growth plants will reduce your home’s visibility from the road or street.

Albuquerque homes with well maintained full growth thick foliage hedges, bushes and shrubs improve your safety. They do this by way of being trimmed to the property line and not overgrown next to line of sight safety areas like a driveway or sidewalk. People cannot or oncoming traffic cannot be seen if a plant is overgrown and obstructing a view needed to exit or enter a driveway. Kids, pedestrians, homeowner vehicles and vehicles other than the homeowner’s will be safer if hedges, bushes, and shrubs are trimmed on a scheduled basis year-round.  

Hedge Trimming Bush Trimming and Shrub Trimming Albuquerque NM R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419 a