Xeriscaping is a Smart Move Everywhere – Here’s Why

Xeriscaping is Smart Move Everywhere – Here’s Why

If you are living in the desert, xeriscaping is one of the best options available to go ahead with gardening. It is not all about using rocks and cacti. There are many other better options available to consider. Continue to read and we will share more details about it in detail.

What is Xeriscaping?

In Tennyson’s words, “a man’s fancy turns to thoughts of landscaping in the springtime.” If you have customers that are prepared to begin construction or renovating, you could be considering the outside of the home as well as the inside. It’s likely that many your customers have Downton Abbey-related aspirations and have their hearts set on a patch of rolling grass. But not so quickly, advises Jonah Busick, a landscape designer at Phoenix’s Shepley Bulfinch Architects. Before placing a pallet order for sod, Busick advises discussing with your customers the financial benefits of xeriscaping.

Although xeriscaping, also known as Xero gardening, has long been connected to arid regions, prickly plants, and gravel pathways, it’s not only for the desert. “According to Busick, it’s just clever gardening that fits in with your neighborhood. True, it started in the West as a reaction to water restrictions, but the growing worry has now expanded beyond of dry regions. Landscaping uses around half of the water used in homes.

Why Should you Consider Xeriscaping?

According to Busick, there are other reasons to choose this low-maintenance approach besides water scarcity. Because plants that grow where they should remain healthier and need less care, you’ll use less pesticides and save money on lawn maintenance. Until roughly ten years ago, the lawn was the default option. However, critical thinking is becoming increasingly common.

However, xeriscaping need not entail giving up that verdant area. Nowadays, a large portion of landscaping is hybrid—that is, 95% xeriscaping. Landscapers inquire as to the precise purposes for which a lawn is needed early in the planning phase. One of the primary reasons people purchase detached houses is to have a dog or let their children to play outdoors. In these cases, a 10-by-20-foot piece of grass is often suggested. One kind of grass to choose in Albuquerque is Bermuda grass, which requires less water.

There’s also another reason to consider taking back the land and gardening with inspiration from the past. Xero gardening raises the value of a property. It’s because a well-designed landscape that complements its environment “helps organize design.” “Tidy and appropriate translates to curb appeal,” according to him.