The Albuquerque winter season brings cool temperatures and nighttime grows as we head through the winter season. As fall ends, we see the changing of the seasons, as plants become colorful and dormant and harvest season prospers. During the winter months, in most of the U.S., except in Florida, parts of California, and southern parts of New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas, the cold weather constrains gardening endeavors for most homeowners. Moreover, as the cold months of winter ensue, gardening complications come forward as frost can be damaging to plant life.

Garden Weeding

As winter is the coldest part of the year for many parts of the U.S., and weather conditions can be harsh, there are several ways homeowners can prepare their garden for the coming spring. To properly winterize a garden, it is more than just simply putting a blanket of equipment. Winterizing includes caring for equipment properly, rearing soil, and fixing any minor issues that could become larger problems in the upcoming spring. Being proactive is a major measure that can be taken by homeowners to protect their gardens. There are three actions that can be taken as reassurance to keep gardens looking beautiful as ever.

Weeding is always a measure taken by homeowners as an effort to keep gardens looking beautiful as ever. However, weeding is also a preventive measure as well. Pulling weeds is a great way to prevent disease and insect infestations. As a practice, weeds, sick plants, and dead materials should be removed consistently. Many insects like to lay their eggs in dead plants as it can offer protection to them during the cold months of winter and hatch as the warmth of spring comes each year. Insects can be devastating to a garden and can be a big hassle to get rid of. After completing the process of weeding, homeowners will want to use a rake to loosen and mix the soul to create a clean layer of dirt. It allows the soil to breathe and it will nutrients to be released into other areas. Furthermore, it will allow for a garden to thrive more during the warmer periods of the year.

Creating a Protective Layer in the Soil

As winter comes, one of the best steps a homeowner can take in winterizing their gardens is by creating a protective layer throughout their garden with compost, mulch, and leaf mold. By doing this, the layer created offers protection as it insulates soil and roots that can be harmed by frost during winter. Furthermore, adding this type of layer to a garden can enrich the soil with nutrients, which will aid to creating the perfect garden.

Albuquerque Garden Composting

Creating compost can be very time heavy in terms of investment, but it’s simply the best way to enrich soil. Typically, compost is a mixture of different organic materials like manure, grass, coffee grounds and leaves. If homeowners want to make their own compost, they’ll want to buy what is called a compost tumbler. A compost tumbler is a container which allows the organic material time to decompose over a five month to a year period. While it may take a while to create compost when it is ready homeowners will want to layer over the top layer of dirt throughout the garden. Although time consuming, the value of having soil filled with nutrients is invaluable for a garden.

Summing it All Up

As the warmth of Albquuerque springtime approaches at the end of the cold period of the year, a properly winterized garden can be rewarding and enjoyable for homeowners. No weeds, soil that is nutrient rich, and functional equipment is the best start to have as the new season of gardening approaches. Gardening is a process that takes work year-round to remain consistently beautiful.

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