Strategies to Use on Picking Perennials for Your Albuquerque Landscaping – Part Two

Strategies to Use on Picking Perennials for Your Albuquerque Landscaping – Part Two

Perennials offer the home gardener so many benefits. Unlike high-maintenance annuals that must be replanted each year, perennials persist and improve over time.

Their recurring nature saves time and money compared to temporary plantings. Perennials infuse gardens with character and resilience. Curious what perennials can do for your Albuquerque landscape? Keep reading!

Lush Leafy Hostas

Hostas flourish in shaded corners where other plants falter. Their wide, lush leaves provide rich texture and dimension. Hostas range tremendously in size, shape, and color, suiting any design aesthetic. Miniature varieties have diminutive leaves under 3 inches wide. Giant hostas boast expansive leaves up to 2 feet across!

Foliage comes in solid shades of blue, green, yellow, or variegated patterns. Above the foliage arise tall flower spikes in white, lavender or pink. Hummingbirds adore the nectar-rich blooms. With so many diverse choices, hostas enable you to create a tailored look and feel.

Graceful Grasses Add Movement

Ornamental grasses bring graceful movement and mesmerizing sound to gardens. Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’ is a show-stopping golden grass that cascades like a weeping willow. Its dense mounds spread steadily.

For vertical contrast, try burgundy-hued purple fountain grass. When airy plumes emerge in summer, this grass becomes a real focal point. Sedge grasses offer spiky texture similar to pincushions. Plant en masse for dramatic effect. Let grasses infuse kinetic energy into your landscape.

Enticing Bugbane

Don’t let the name bugbane deter you – this perennial is prized for deterring pesky insects and critters. Bugbane produces bottlebrush-like blooms on gracefully arching stems. Feathery plumes emerge in white or soft pink hues above fern-like foliage.

Typically reaching 1-2 feet tall, bugbane pairs elegantly with other perennials. Green or deep purple leaves complement its delicate flowers. Try ‘Brunette’ bugbane for shadowy sites – its dark leaves thrive with little sun.

Leopard-Spotted Ligularia

Ligularia truly resembles its namesake, the leopard. Its large, rounded leaves have a bold, spotty look. Emerald green topsides combine with maroon undersides for remarkable contrast. Midsummer brings clusters of daisy-like orange flowers on stems reaching 3-4 feet tall.

This rugged yet beautiful perennial thrives equally in sun or shade. For powerful impact, mass ligularia together. Use it as a focal point, its distinctive foliage acting like a living sculpture.

More Marvelous Perennial Picks

Beyond the varieties described above, many other perennials thrive in Albuquerque. Dianthus, astilbe, hellebores, coral bells, lady’s mantle, Solomon’s seal, tiarella, and brunnera are just a few examples.

Most require only occasional fertilizing once established. Tolerant of heat and drought, these stalwart plants withstand the local climate. Use them as groundcovers, border plants or specimen accents. Let them infuse your garden with artful combinations of color, form and texture.

Design a Cohesive Perennial Garden

When designing with perennials, keep these tips in mind. Group plants in clusters of three, five or seven for visual appeal. Blend silver, green, burgundy and blue foliage tones for a soothing effect. Or, select a color scheme like fiery reds and oranges for high contrast.

Complement your home’s architectural style through your plant choices. Incorporate native plants and pollinator-friendly varieties to support local wildlife. Site plants with similar needs together for ideal growing conditions. Give them ample room to reach mature size. Provide regular water while plants establish then let them flourish with minimal irrigation.

Final Thoughts

Perennials offer tremendous value to Albuquerque homeowners. They reliably return each year more glorious than the last. Once established, perennials require little beyond occasional grooming and thinning.

Let these hardy plants reward you with years of delicate flowers, bold foliage, and enduring natural beauty. Your garden will surely thank you.