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Springtime Vegetable and Flower Planting Tips – Part One

Garden soil is okay to garden in each year after the winter ground thaw has occurred. It’s springtime and so it makes perfect sense. That is when the soil is malleable, easy to dig down in and easy to plant in. When soil is soaked it’s too easy to compact, which means it’s hard to keep aerated. Spring crops for a vegetable garden that work well are leeks, lettuce, spinach and peas. Anytime you plant a vegetable garden the goal is to enjoy doing it and for it be successful. Do an online search for the best plants to plan in early spring and then pick the one’s you would like to eat when your crop comes in.

To keep enjoying a garden harvest from your vegetable garden through spring, summer and fall, be proactive about planting multiple types of vegetable seeds in phases with a series of staggered harvest dates. Go from peas, spinach, lettuce and leeks to planting broccoli, onions, potatoes, turnips, kale, radishes and cabbage.

Late Frost Seedling Barrier Protection Strategy

Frost that hits a vegetable garden in early spring can be its death knell. If the weather report for upcoming night reports frost is on the way, protect seedlings by placing buckets, boxes and flowerpots over them. To avoid occasional late frosts if you have the room and the money buy a small greenhouse for your seedlings to start in first part of the springtime season. It will save you a lot of heartache and give you a better chance at having a successful garden because your plant seedlings will not be out in the cold when a frost hits.  

Get Your Garden’s Plants Started in Plant Starter Trays

Creating jump on your springtime vegetable garden is critical for success if you have designs on raising vegetables that love hot weather like basil, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes. Make this happen by buying a set of plant starter trays and planting seeds in starter mix in them. Put the completed plant starter trays in your home by a window or beneath a grow light the moment a new plant shoot comes out of the starter mix.

By following the tips suggested here your vegetables and flowers will thrive you will hopefully enjoy a wonderful crop harvest and a beautiful garden throughout the spring, summer and fall.