Springtime Garden Action Tips Plan for Spring 2020 – Part Two

Everyone knows that spring started on Mar. 19, 2020 this calendar year. Spring is here and it’s coming on like a freight train, complete with wind, rain, tons of pollen and lots of plant growth. To get your Albuquerque garden ready for spring we have developed a list of simple strategies to follow to make this year your best garden year ever. The strategies are as follows:

1. Separate Perennials – Right before the brand-new growth begins is a perfect time to dig as well as split most perennial flowers that are growing beyond where you would certainly like them. Replant groups of perennials as well as water them well in their brand-new residence. Or give away items or compost any kind of excess. The exemption is early-season perennials that already are flowering– or that remain in bud that are already sprouting and growing quickly. These are best divided after bloom or in very early fall.

2. Old Leaf Removal – Rake Up flattened out old leaves from the prior season off the grass plus remove leaves from out of groundcover area of flower beds and gardens. Leaves that have blown under and near trees, shrubs and perennial plants can be left in place and also mulched over, as long as they remain in moderate quantities. There is no need to remove those leaves. However, matted leaves should be raked or blown off the yard as well as out of evergreen groundcover beds so these green plants can take in the sunshine. Patch any bare spots in the lawn with new grass seed after you aerate the entire lawn.

3. Remove Winter Season Protective Covers – As the risk of frost wanes, eliminate cloth obstacles, traps and other safety material from around landscape plants that needed the extra winter season protective covers. Likewise get rid of any secure stakes attached to new trees if they’ve been in the ground for greater than a year. The tree root system should be established after a year, so removing the stake should be just fine

4. Garden and Lawn Issues and Problem Control – Apply crabgrass control supplemented with lawn food (if you’ve had a crabgrass trouble in the past) as well as a weed prevention product on the lawn and garden beds. An excellent cue for the former is when the dandelions are blooming, plus and solid sign for the latter is when forsythia bushes don’t start to sprout leaves or grow at all. Springtime time plant food that has built in weed and crab grass reduction components are a wonderful option to kill existing weeds in the yard, feed it, and avoid new weeds all in one very easy application.

5. Bed and Lawn Edging – Whether you make use of a long-handled, people-powered bordering device or power edger, the latter part of winter is a good time to create well designed articulate edges along all garden beds and lawns. This not done to improve the look of a properties landscaping. It produces a trough to create a supply of garden compost that can

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