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Springtime Garden Action Tips Plan for Spring 2020 – Part One

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Everyone knows that spring started on Mar. 19, 2020 this calendar year. Spring is here and it’s coming on like a freight train, complete with wind, rain, tons of pollen and lots of plant growth. To get your Albuquerque garden ready for spring we have developed a list of simple strategies to follow to make this year your best garden year ever. The strategies are as follows:

1. Weed Your Property – Pull the old weeds from last fall and winter you didn’t get to pull then and pull the weeds that have popped up this spring. The ground is still soft from the left-over moisture in the soil from the 2018-2019 winter snow. It’s really important to pull them before the roots grow down deep and before they start putting out seeds and more weeds grow.

2. Trim Your Property’s Shrubs that Grow Summer Time Flowers – When winter draws to a close or when spring has sprung on March 19th, is the best time to prune back the flowering bushes that flower when summer starts through August. There are a variety of flowering bushes people love that need this critical bit of pruning. They include St. Johnswort, crape myrtle, summer-blooming spirea, caryopteris, urethra (summersweet), smooth hydrangea, panicle hydrangea, rose-of-sharon, abelia, butterfly bush and beautyberry to name just a few. Put off pruning on the following spring-blooming bushes: viburnum, forsythia, azalea, rhododendron, weigela, lilac,

3. Garden and Flower Bed Fertilizing – When the ground defrosts, use granular plant food around the trees, hedges as well as perennials. Match the specific item to the plant kind plus any specific nutrient demands defined by a soil examination in your garden and your specific region of the USA.  Fertilizer featuring rich natural nutrients will assist your plant’s, so they get the highest nutritional benefit attainable from your soil. It is advisable for your annuals, perennials, roses, and bulbs remain in the ground or in containers to have the best chance of surviving and to thrive throughout the growing and blooming season.

4. Examine Bushes and Trees for Harm Caused by a Harsh Winter – Trim off any busted, dead or storm-damaged branches. Trim the ends of evergreens that have actual viewable damage at the end of branches caused by the cold winter months.

5. Perennial Dead Flower Petal Removal – Rake off or cut any type of winter-killed, brown fallen leaves from the prior year’s perennial blossoms – Get rid of dead seasonal leaves. If you didn’t already reduce your frost-killed seasonal flowers last fall, rake or clip off that browned foliage right away.  Doing this will clear the path for the current year’s brand-new growth, which will certainly be pushing up soon. If you observe that any perennials have actually started growing up and out of the ground as a result of winter months cold and thawing, tamp them back down so the roots aren’t revealed. Water them as well as include an inch or two of compost around them.

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