How to Jazz Up Your Albuquerque Landscaping with Roses

How to Jazz Up Your Albuquerque Landscaping with Roses

Roses make any yard look amazing. With so many colors and bloom times, they add beauty all season. But growing roses here requires work. Our soil needs serious help.

Don’t worry! Follow these tips and you’ll have a stunning rose garden.

Dream Up Your Perfect Rose Garden

Take time to imagine how roses can make your yard gorgeous. Do you want a central rose garden? Beds along fences or walls? Climbing roses on arbors? Sketch out ideas and spots with lots of sun.

Visit local nurseries and see the roses in bloom. Talk to the experts to pick the best varieties for our climate. Choose a mix of early and late bloomers for constant color.

Fixing Our Crummy Soil

Now for the hard part – fixing our yucky soil. Roses demand amended soil to thrive.

Get your soil tested first to see what it needs. Then mix in several inches of quality compost and topsoil. This improves drainage and nutrients. You can buy compost and topsoil at home centers.

Dig wide planting holes or beds – make them 2-3 times wider than the rose’s roots. Blend the amended soil thoroughly when filling the holes.

Plant and Care for Your Roses

Plant your roses gently, spreading out any bound roots. Water deeply after planting.

Put 2-4 inches of mulch around plants to hold moisture and discourage weeds. Organic mulch like bark chips is great.

Roses need 1-2 inches of water each week. Set up a drip system with a bubbler at each plant. This allows custom watering.

Apply rose fertilizer per the package – about 3 times per season. And prune established roses in early spring.

Watch for pests like aphids and treat problems ASAP. Prevent issues through regular care. A healthy rose is a happy rose!

Let the Experts at R&S Landscaping Help

For professional guidance, contact R&S Landscaping at 505-271-8419. We create fabulous rose gardens that make yards gorgeous.

Our designers expertly work roses into overall landscape plans. We properly amend soil so roses thrive. And our crews know exactly how to maintain roses all year.

Check out our website for stunning rose garden photos. Call R&S today to schedule a design consultation!