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Here’s the Right Way to Fertilize Your Albuquerque Lawn – Part One

The pathway to a successful gorgeous full Albuquerque lawn is for the lawn to receive the proper amount of grass nutrients. The strategy presented here will assist you in picking the top fertilizer, create a smart fertilizer monthly game plan and teach you how to properly add fertilizer to your lawn

Deciphering a Fertilizer Label

Lawn fertilization involves adding three primary nutrients to help grow the grass, which are on the fertilizer bag in the following order as follows:

• Nitrogen Fertilizer (first number listed)
• Phosphorus Fertilizer (second number listed)
• Potassium Fertilizer (third number listed)
The 3 numbers listed are by industry standards listed in the same order. They are 20-5-10. The breaks down to 4 parts nitrogen (first number listed), 1 part phosphorus (second number listed) and finally 2 parts potassium (third number listed).

The most critical fertilizing nutrient in lawn fertilizer is nitrogen. It is very important to thriving lawn. Seek out lawn fertilizer featuring the phrase “slow release nitrogen” on the bag. Slow release nitrogen releases over a time frame of several weeks. It gives your lawn constant feed over time, not all at once. Slow release nitrogen reduces the risks of your lawn getting burned by the chemical, which can cause serious permanent damage.

Bare spots in an existing lawn or a new lawn should receive starter fertilizer with a proportionately higher-level weight wise of phosphorous. This will assist the lawn in growing roots from the seedlings.

Lawn Fertilizing Yearly Schedule

Each year a lawn needs to be fertilized 3 times at a minimum. Lawns should be fertilized only during grown season and not ever during a drought. The smart way to schedule lawn fertilization is about the same time of year over the following annual holidays:

• Memorial Day
• July 4th
• Labor Day

In the southern part of the USA, with warm season grasses, it’s okay to add an extra session of fertilizer around the first part of August. In the northern part of the USA, with cool season grasses, look at fertilizing in early to the middle of November. This will help you have a stunning lawn during the next spring grown season.

When rain is scarce, and a drought is on stop using fertilizer. Stopping fertilizing will lower the amount of nutrients your lawn grass gets during the drought, cause it to slow down growth and in turn, go dormant. During a drought for a lawn to have a chance of surviving to the next season the smartest approach is for it to go dormant. Another aspect of the drought, which may seem drastic, is to water less as well. Start up your fertilizer schedule in early fall when the weather cools off and there is more rain fall.

Fertilizing your lawn gives your lawn grass the needed food it needs to enhance growth plus stop weeds and prevent different type so turfgrass diseases. If you’d like more tips regarding lawn fertilizing, lawn care and lawn watering, contact Albuquerque landscaping company R & S Landscaping.

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