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Growing a Stunning Albuquerque Garden on a Shoe-String – Part One

Raised beds in an urban garden growing plants herbs spices and vegetables

A garden offers lots of perks to Albuquerque homeowners with its nice flowers, wonderful plants and a crop, if you plant a vegetable garden. The question is, are you concerned about what the annual maintenance, plants, seeds and fertilizer will run. Perhaps you’re wanting to add to your garden, but you don’t have much money to complete the task. Regardless of your situation and goals it just happens there are a lot of strategies you can act on to grow a new garden or improve your current one using things located in your home right now.

It takes money to grow a thriving garden. If you’re a DIY person around your home, there are strategies you can put into use now that will provide a time and cost savings. Featured below are a selection of DIY strategies you can follow to complete your garden or improve your existing one:

Side Note: If your DIY mojo is not going to cut it with your current garden for tasks like complete weeding or full yard mulching, give your local Albuquerque landscaping company a call like R & S Landscaping for free quote.

DIY Garden Strategies

Gardening offers a fantastic opportunity to spend time outdoors at your own home and grow plants, flowers, crops and learn how the world produces the planet’s food by growing vegetables. Benefits of gardening include lowering one’s blood pressure, lowering stress, relaxing, better mood and overall attitude to name a few. It has been reported by individuals and in several reports over the last several years that gardening is a fantastic way to reduce stress and help general mood and happiness.

Gardening takes set commitment for it to go well. It is a hobby that mandates a set amount of time be spent on it on regular weekly basis for a garden to look nice and for it to grow well. Featured here are handful of strategies you can follow to make your garden grow and continue to do well:

  • Build Raised Garden Beds
  • Plant flowers, plants and vegetables
  • Build mulch bins, grow and use it in your garden
  • Test soil for proper Ph and Alkalinity
  • Plant herbs in your garden
  • Create garden accessories

Build Awesome Raised Garden Beds

When you’re creating a game plan to begin a garden, a fantastic strategy to employ is constructing a garden bed. By going this route you’ll be in the driver’s seat with respect to the garden’s soil make-up, its ability to drain properly and you’ll have a set space to grow the plants you want to grow and tend to each week. Raised garden beds look amazing, which will help your yard look even better. Nicely enough, these can be built for less than price to purchase them. Building raised garden bed’s gives you latitude to make them with your own style and features. Select untreated wood for your garden beds so chemicals will not leach into crops grown in them.

Garden bed soil choice directly impacts the successful growth and health of plants and flowers you grow. Be sure to mix in a high-quality compost with your soil so that it has the needed nutrients your plants and flowers require to thrive, be health and grow. Build a compost bin to supply your soil is one option or buying a high-quality compost at your local big box retailer or local nursery is another.

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