Five Essential Tips for Summer Lawn Maintenance

Five Essential Tips for Summer Lawn Maintenance

Summer’s come! That means – it’s lawn time. Your lawn sets the stage for your outdoor fun. Here are five tips to keep your lawn stunning all through summer.

1. Get Ready for Summer Lawn Care

Planning summer lawn love? Think of it in three parts: early, middle, late summer. You’ll fertilize, water, and mow in each part. If your lawn needs it, break up packed dirt. It helps your grass drink up nutrients.

Regular mowing is a must. Watering? Deep, but not too often. The right time to feed your lawn? Late spring or early summer.

Also, use weed control when needed. Kill those naughty weeds, but keep your grass safe!

What about pests like grubs or furry caterpillars? They love the warm months. If they’re munching more than usual, or part of your lawn looks like it’s wilting, that might be their work!

2. Feeding Your Summer Lawn

Here’s how to feed your lawn. Use a slow-sort of food. Feed it every 6 to 8 weeks. It’s like a shield, protecting your grass from pesky bugs and sizzling summer heat.

Puzzling over which lawn food to pick? Choose one that comes in tiny pieces, it’s super easy to sprinkle evenly just like the package instructions suggest.

Want great results? Spread that fertilizer evenly over the yard, just like adding sprinkles to a cake. Tools you can use: a broadcast spreader for large lawns or a simple handheld cup for small gardens.

But too much of this food? Yikes, that’s bad news. It’s like having too much candy, it hurts your stomach. For plants, too much nitrogen can harm them. And guess what? If you’re not careful, it could even kill them!

With these tips, you’ll be a lawn hero! Keep your lawn well-fed and watch it glow all summer long!

3. Watering Your Summer Lawn

Summers are hot and dry, which makes your soil thirsty. To keep your lawn smiling, give it a solid drink once or twice a week, it deserves it.

Do you live in a really dry area? Check for water-use rules. If they exist, you might have to cut back on watering. It’s a bummer, but your lawn might need a summer break.

Now, let’s talk normal summer days. Water deep, but easy does it. Aim for a 4-6-inch soak.

Not sure if you’re doing it right? Here’s an idea: try the screwdriver test.

It’s simple. Push the screwdriver down into the dirt. If it feels super tough, your lawn’s parched and needs more water. But if it goes in easily, use less water next time. Pro tip: water early in the morning, before the sun comes up. That way, the sun won’t steal away your lawn’s hydration.

Oh, it rained? Great! But be cautious. After rain, resist the urge to water too much. Every drop of water counts, let’s not waste it.

4. The Best Way to Mow your Summer Lawn

In summer, mow your grass to a lofty height. Why? This encourages strong root growth and helps it withstand the heat.

Taller grass is pretty savvy, providing more shade. It’s like wearing a hat on a hot day.

That shade helps hinder annoying weeds, keeping them from sprouting and messing with your turf. Cool right? Plus it has another advantage. Taller grass blades act like a sun hat for the soil, keeping it from losing water, reducing the need to water it often.

If you’re mowing your lawn in these sunny months, keep those blades sharp. That’s right, scissors should not be the only blades kept sharp in your house. Dull blades are your lawn’s enemy, tearing and shredding your grass, this could undo all your summer lawn care efforts.

During these summer months, set your blades higher. Remember, tall grass is great for the summer. Adjust the height of mowing according to the type of grass. Those warm-season grasses, the ones you’d usually find in the Southeast, they like to stand tall, around 2–3 inches.

And here’s a golden rule: avoid cutting more than ⅓ of the grass blade when you mow. This might mean more frequent mowing at a higher blade setting, but trust me, it’s worth it.

There’s another neat trick to keep your lawn happy when you mow. It’s called grasscycling. Fancy, right? This means leaving the clippings on the lawn after mowing. These will break down and boost your grass’s nutrients. It’s like a little natural snack for your lawn!

5. Summer Lawn Care Problems

Having a tip-top summer lawn requires you to stay alert.

Like a guard protecting a castle, keep an eagle eye out for issues that might sneak up on your lawn. A smidge of preparation in advance can save you a heap of trouble down the road.

Your green lawn might be dreamy for insects, pests, and diseases. Mirror the habits of a detective, and regularly check for signs of these unwanted visitors. If evidence shows up, you’ll have to act fast. It’s problem-solving time!

Bald spots in your lawn are bad news. These patches are like sunburns for your lawn, making it even more vulnerable to the scorching summer heat.

 So how do you avoid creating these bald patches? Mow your lawn at, or near, the highest setting on your handy dandy lawnmower. Also, pretend your lawn is hot lava when it’s wet, avoid stepping on it. It’s for its own good!

Pets are cute, but they can wreak havoc on your lawn. Make a habit of cleaning up after them immediately. And those urine spots? Treat your lawn like a big toilet bowl and flush the spots with water.

Another thing to avoid is parking on the grass. Your lawn is not a parking lot. Driving or even parking on the grass is a no-no. It’s like sitting on a paper bag, it squashes and compacts the soil. Ouch! This can lead to a bunch of other problems, including transforming your lush lawn into a dead grass desert.

Pick Up Litter

Summer is a time of fun, but it often leaves behind clues of your enjoyment. Toys, water games, lawn chairs, and tools might find their temporary home on your grass. Act like a caring janitor, and pick up everything you find on the turf. It’s not just about cleanliness; it’s about keeping your lawn safe and sound.

Win the War on Weeds

Weeds are like little lawn invaders. Arm yourself with weed control and follow the instructions like a recipe. If you’re quick in the summer, you can hit the weeds before they bloom and scatter their seeds. Be careful, though! Herbicides can sometimes hurt your grass, so use them like hot chili – sparingly.

You can also dodge the need for chemical weed control. Here’s a hint: Be attentive to your lawn like it is your pet. Stroll around your yard every other day, spy on any trace of weeds and whack them out as soon as you spot them. Aim to catch those sneaky weeds before they grow deep roots, like catching a bug before it bites!

Summer Lawn Care For Green Grass All Season

Summer heat is like a big, hulking bully for your grass. You don’t want to just roll the dice and hope for the best. Mowing too low, watering inconsistently, or ignoring potential pests can turn your grass into a sad scene. Things could get so bad that your grass might even give up and die, leaving bare patches!

Fear not! You can still have a smashing lawn throughout the scorching summer. Learn these summer care tips, and your lawn could be the greenest on the block. If you feel like getting a head start with some superior turf, reach out to the experts at The TurfGrass Group. They’re the pros in turning brown lawns into lush landscapes!