Fantastic Lawn Care Tips to Enhance Albuquerque Home Curb Appeal

Fantastic Lawn Care Tips to Enhance Albuquerque Home Curb

Are you gearing up to sell your beloved Albuquerque abode in 2024? Want your lawn to dazzle potential buyers with irresistible curb appeal the moment they roll up?

Here are easy yet powerful lawn care tricks to transform your grass into a lush green carpet!

Mow With Precision for a Healthy Handsome Lawn

Mowing the lawn seems simple enough. Fire up the mower, push it around your yard, empty the clippings, and you’re done. Right?

Wrong. Proper mowing technique takes skill. Do it wrong and your grass will look scruffy. But do it right and your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Always always ALWAYS mow with sharp mower blades. Sharp blades make clean cuts through each blade of grass. Clean cuts mean very little stress for your grass. The grass recovers faster and stays vigorous.

Dull mower blades are the enemy! They tear and shred grass instead of cutting it cleanly. Torn up grass turns brown at the edges and becomes vulnerable to diseases and bugs. Yuck!

Sharpen your mower blades a few times per growing season. Use a file or take them to a local shop for a quick sharpen. Dull blades simply will not cut it.

Here’s another tip: Mow in a different pattern each week. Go north-south one time, then east-west the next, then diagonally. Keep mixing it up.

This forces your grass to grow upright instead of just flopping in one direction. The varied mowing direction also allows sunlight to hit your lawn from different angles every time. Do not let your grass blades get lazy and complacent!

Feed Your Lawn the Right Food at the Right Time

If you feed your lawn the proper fertilizer on a ideal schedule, your grass will reward you with thick, lush, emerald green growth. But ignore fertilizing at your lawn’s peril! You’ll be stuck with thin, ragged, weed-infested grass.

The fertilizing pros at R & S Landscaping know exactly which fertilizers your lawn needs and when they will be most effective. Consult them for customized advice based on your grass type, lawn age, sun exposure, and more.

Applying the right fertilizer at the perfect time grows grass that chokes out weeds naturally. Well fed grass is grass that will battle weeds for you! No need to stress.

Remove Weeds Before They Hurt Your Lawn

A few weeds here and there are no big deal. But if left unchecked, weeds will take over your entire lawn in the blink of an eye.

Nasty weeds compete with grass for sunlight, water, and nutrients. They spread like wildfire. Before you know it, you’ve got more weeds than actual grass left. Not good for gorgeous curb appeal!

Fight back now with a weed killing product that also contains fertilizer and preventative crabgrass control. Look for a top rated brand that homeowners rave about.

High quality crabgrass preventers stop any existing crabgrass from multiplying and also halt new crabgrass seeds from sprouting all season long. It’s a two-pronged attack!

Don’t let ravenous weeds sucker punch your lawn this spring in Albuquerque. Knock them out early and your grass will thank you.

Use Quality Sprinklers

Here in hot, arid Albuquerque proper watering is crucial for green grass. But installing in-ground sprinkler systems costs big bucks.

Not to worry. You can still water your lawn like a pro even without splurging on fancy sprinklers.

Buy durable, high-performing above-ground lawn sprinklers and soaker hoses. Don’t waste money on flimsy, breakable models — they won’t distribute water evenly. Spend a few extra dollars for consistency!

Always set a phone timer when you turn on your sprinklers or hoses. It’s easy to space out and overwater your lawn, wasting money. Albuquerque lawns only need about 1 inch of water per week. Stick to a schedule!

Also, if possible water in the cool evening when it’s less hot and windy. Less water will evaporate before your lawn drinks it in. Yet another money saving tip!

Edge Like a Perfectionist

Want an easy way to take your curb appeal up a notch? Edge your lawn religiously along sidewalks, gardens, and tree rings.

Crisply defined lawn edges make it obvious you care about lawn details. Edging says you want your grass to look its best, not sloppy.

Edge every week or two with a manual tool or powered edger — whichever you prefer. Replace the blades once they become dull for best results.

Cheap plastic edgers are fine for most homeowners. Or upgrade to a powered edger if you want an extra speedy edge.

Strapped for time? Just focus edging on the front yard and sides visible from the street. Those zones matter most for that sought-after magazine cover curb appeal.

Precision edging is one of those little things that really polishes off a flawless lawn when selling a home. Don’t skip it!