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Water, fire, and air have been considered the essentials of life since the days of Adam. Although 71% of our Earth is comprised water, 97% of these water resources are present in the oceans, and living organisms are not using them due to their high salt content. We are left with the remaining 3% of freshwater to utilize in our daily life, which comes from lakes, rivers, glaciers, or the form of underground water. Some countries have naturally awarded water reservoirs and water available to their natives free of cost. But in some countries, people are facing scarcity of water and worth more than oil or gold.

As much as water is crucial for the sustainability of human’s or animal’s life, crop production and vegetation are not possible without its availability. In the countries where the underground water level is low, and water resources are not abundant, the green area of that country is continuously shrinking. The biggest reason for the unavailability of freshwater is its irrational use in our households, industries, and our fields. If this situation prevails for few more decades in the world, our next generations will be going to face severe outcomes.

R & S Landscaping is an Albuquerque, New Mexico based company that is committed to its cause to reduce the irrational use of water in lawns and gardens of houses. R & S Landscaping is offering advanced technology to Albuquerque’s homeowners and commercial property owners. R & S Landscaping is guiding them on how to enhance plant growth by using less water. These efforts will eventually result in reduced water bills and pumping costs.

What is Drip Irrigation System?

Drip irrigation, also known as Trickle irrigation, is one of the efficient controlled water and fertilizer delivery system using in crop fields. This system consists of a mesh of tubing pipes spread in the whole crop field. These pipes contain equidistant small plastic openings that are known as Drippers. In these pipes, water and fertilizers supply to the soil at a variable rate (usually range from 2-20 Litter/hr).

The drip irrigation system ensures that all plant roots get a balanced water supply and fertilizers throughout the crop season. Furthermore, a drip irrigation system makes sure the availability of moisture in the soil, therefore very helpful to produce fantastic gardens and lush landscaping. Irrigation efficiency of drip irrigation system climbs up to 95%, which results in maximum productivity of these plants.

Benefits of the Drip Irrigation System

The benefits of Drip Irrigation systems include:

  • In Drip Irrigation System, water provides to the root zone through the emitters, therefore prevents excessive flooding or accumulation in the field.
  • Water loss through evaporation reduces as the drip irrigation system provides water at a slow rate and accurate site.
  • In traditional methods where water provides in bulk via canal or huge wells, the water flow leaches the upper layer of soil. As a result, crops fields gets deprived off of the essential nutrients required for crop growth. With the Drip Irrigation system, no leaching of nutrients takes place.
  • Excessive water accumulates in the field and becomes the source of many bacterial and fungal diseases. The Drip Irrigation system provides water at a suitable rate, so fewer chances of happening of fungal growth.
  • Drip Irrigation System prevents excessing weed spread in the field by providing nutrients to only the roots of the plants.
  • The efficiency rate of the Drip Irrigation System is higher (95%) than other irrigation systems like Sprinkler or Pressurized irrigation system.
  • The drip irrigation system is fully automated and reduces labour costs.
  • Due to versatility, the Drip irrigation system can be used anywhere and, on any scale, for example, in orchards, row crop fields, lawns and greenhouses.

How land soil is a crucial factor in the adjustment of water flow in the Drip Irrigation System?

The land of every country, region and continent varies in terms of moisture, minerals, hardness etc. So, the selection of emitters for irrigation entirely depends upon the soil nature. The general classification of Earth soil enlisted below:

Clay: The water absorption rate in Clay soil is slow, and water tends to splatter over the soil surface. For such land, the 0.5GPH emitter is considered best for the Drip irrigation system.

Loam: The water absorption rate in Loam soil is uniform and faster than in Clay soil. For such land, 1 GPH emitter is considered suitable to use in a Drip irrigation system.

Sand: The water absorption rate in Sand is very high, and we can observe a straight downward pattern of absorption. 2 GPH emitter is usually preferred to install a Drip irrigation system in such land.

What is a Gravity-Fed Drip Irrigation System?

A gravity-fed irrigation system is the type of Drip irrigation system in which the water flow is created in drip tubing using gravity. In this system, water is storing in containers present at a higher level than the ground. This height difference will allow the water to run in drip tubes without the help of any pumping source. This system is very effective in rainy areas as these containers can store rainwater, which is used later for irrigation. Other water sources which can supply water to storing containers may include ponds, rivers, municipal water supply etc. 

How to bring automation in a Drip irrigation system?

For the automatic working of the drip irrigation system, you need to use a device called “Timer” in the assembly. After installing the timer in the Drip plant assembly, it will automatically ON and OFF the water supply to the field according to the set schedule. The timer will not reduce the labor cost but also ensures a steady, consistent and timely provision of water to the plants. Based on the power source, different types of timers available in the market are:

Battery Timer: These timers are easy to operate as there is only one time zone available to select, easy to install and inexpensive. The battery of these timers is chargeable and majorly used in lawns of houses.

Electronic Timers: This class of timers is designed for industrial or large-scale usage and have multiple time zones to select.

Solar Timers: As the name indicates, these timers use solar energy as the power source. These timers are easy to utilize and continuously gaining popularity as they do not require a conventional source of power for their work.

Drip Irrigation System in Today Scenario

Every person with little bit how now aware of the fact that scarcity of freshwater increasing in today world. The addition of industrial wastes, household detergents and chemicals making the situation even worse. Environmentalists are thriving to devise strategies to combat these challenges by bringing innovation to the irrigation system. The drip irrigation system is the outcome of these efforts and is used by farmers in many countries. Due to water-conserving efficiency and versatility, the drip irrigation system is utilizing in farmhouses, gardens, crop’s farms and lawns of houses. 

In Albuquerque city, R & S Landscaping trying to make a difference by creating awareness in the people about water preservation and shifting to an innovative drip irrigation system. When you are seeking the best in Albuquerque drip irrigation professionalism, R & S Landscaping fits the bill. We provide a variety of Drip irrigation system components such as emitters, timers, mini-sprinklers, micro-sprayers etc. We also provide our services for the installation and maintenance of Drip irrigation systems.

We are making efforts to make Albuquerque city a sustainable community. You can participate in this cause by switching to a Drip irrigation system. If you need our services or have any queries in your mind, feel free to contact us at 505-271-8419.