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Best Tips on Gardening Tools and Supplies Every Albuquerque Gardener Should Buy

Best Tips on Gardening Tools and Supplies Every Albuquerque Gardener Should Buy by R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419

If you are trying to get started as a new gardener, it can seem a bit overwhelming trying to navigate all of the available tools and supplies that are designed to make your job easier. How do you select the proper tools for the projects that you are starting? The staff at your local Albuquerque garden center or Albuquerque plant nurseries are often friendly and eager to give advice to new gardeners.  Here’s a simple guide to help you get the basic tools that you will actually need in almost any basic project that you have in mind.

Gardening Gloves

It is very important to protect your hands when you are working in your garden, so a pair of gardening gloves are a wise investment. You should look for lightweight, durable gloves that fit properly and have water-resistant fabric. The ideal pair of gardening gloves breath well and do not restrict movement.

Hand Pruners

This handy tool will be used fairly often when it comes to manicuring and maintaining your garden. Bypass pruning shears are a good choice for beginners, however some prefer ratcheting pruners as they do not put as much strain on their hand muscles. Whichever you choose, hand pruners are a valuable investment.

Hand Trowel

Hand trowels look like a hand shovel with a pointed end, and are used for planting seedlings as well as removing weeds. These are best made from stainless steel, which provides great durability. It is important to find a hand trowel that fits comfortably in your hand because you will be using it a lot.

Hand Rake

Sometimes referred to as a hand fork, your hand rake will be used for breaking up and turning your soil. If you are looking for efficiency, a hand rake with square, straight tines will make digging much easier. A good feature to invest in is a comfortable handle with a no slip grip.


These tools should have a sharp edge for cutting and a short, hardwood handle. Spades are short square shovels that have many uses such as moving small amounts of dirt, creating garden bed edges, and digging holes. Again, it is important to find an ergonomic handle.


Rakes are essential to help tidy up after leaves and other debris clutter your garden beds. These tools should be strong in design, steel tines are more durable than plastic options. If you intend to use it in tightly framed spaces, an adjustable rake will be a good choice.


When the time comes to move large amounts of soil or other heavy loads, a wheelbarrow will quickly become one of your favorite tools. The ones with air filled tires and rubber grips on the handles are the easiest to use, and of course, you want it to be sturdy. 

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