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Best Albuquerque Lawn Health Strategies

Best Albuquerque Lawn Health Strategies by R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419
Best Albuquerque Lawn Health Strategies by R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419

Homes with an Albuquerque grass lawn are not a thing of the distant past, but they are increasingly rare. For those Albuquerque homeowners with a grass lawn, we salute you. Taking off your shoes at the end of the day or any old time and walking barefoot on your Albuquerque lawn is so nice and for many folks its one of the top 10 pleasures in life. It’s like walking on nice carpet, but way better somehow. Grass feels soft and when the sun is out and it is enjoyable when there are some nice neighbors to wave to as they drive by or happen to be outside next door to you, walking on your lawn in bare feet just makes you have a good feeling.

However, if your lawn grass is in bad shape, what do you need to do to make that grass green, healthy and nice and soft? When an Albuquerque lawn owner feels like the nice lawn they used to have has slipped through their fingers and it is on the downside of looking bad and going fast, what is the next move? Do you rip out the lawn and start the lawn over, meaning tear it out, go down 18 inches and mulch it, then plant fresh grass seed or sod. Do not do it. Do not start over. Most lawns in bad shape are not a lost cause. Take the time, the trouble, and the expense to apply the best lawn care treatment possible to rehabilitate your lawn. It is worth a try. Featured here are strategies you can follow to bring your Albuquerque lawn back from the dead instead of starting over, which would be far more expensive and take a ton time to accomplish.

Albuquerque Lawn Aeration

Lawn soil that is compacted is one of the most common reasons a lawn is not healthy and not doing well. Lawn aeration is great for alleviating soil compaction. The best times to do lawn aeration for the best results are in the late fall and the early spring. For lawns that get a ton of foot traffic, the best strategy to follow is to aerate it two times annually. In Albuquerque, most of the soil used by lawns has high clay content, which is a super hard compactable soil, so you may need to do aeration three or four times per year. Lawns with a sand base or that do not get a lot of foot traffic, can be aerated once annually. Local equipment rental companies or local hardware stores rent out lawn aeration equipment. It is easy to use, and it normally only takes a couple of hours to aerate an entire lawn.

Soil Nutrition is the Key to a Healthy Beautiful Lawn

Providing your lawn soil with the best nutrients possible will give your Albuquerque lawn the best chance at having consistent excellent growth and lawn health. To find what your lawn nutrient levels are you need to get it tested. Or, the other option is to fertilize your lawn with the best possible lawn nutrient restoration product on the market today. Look up the available products online, read their reviews, pick the one with the most favorable ratings and the fertilize your lawn with it. Even if the product is super expensive, the cost will be worth it. Consider it a smart investment into the long-term health and beauty of your Albuquerque lawn grass. Top lawn restoration fertilizer will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to handle stresses such as ongoing dry heat, cold snaps, and droughts. It will enhance your lawn root growth and give it the nutrients it needs to become healthy and begin to thrive. It should take 1 to 1 ½ months for your Albuquerque lawn to start showing a strong noticeable seeable improvement. The product will feature slow-release nitrogen which will permeate into the soil slowly over time, giving the soil what it needs during an extended stretch of days and weeks. This type of product can and be added to your lawn three times a year, fall, spring and summer.

To learn more about your Albuquerque lawn grass health and how to manage it effectively, give the pro’s at R & S Landscaping a call at 505-271-8419.