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An Albuquerque Lawn Watering, Mowing and Fertilizing Strategic Plan – Part Two

Albuquerque, spring is here, and summer starts on June 20th, so now is when to take advantage of the Albuquerque Water Utility Authority watering days by setting up a lawn mowing and fertilizing strategic plan. By setting up a mowing and fertilizing schedule that makes the most of when you CAN water in Albuquerque, NM, you are giving your lawn the best chance for its root system to thrive and for it to be beautiful and healthy the entire growing season.

How to Care for Your Albuquerque Lawn During a Drought

During an Albuquerque drought the watering guide provided here will not work. When there’s tons of heat and absolutely no rain at all, the best strategy to follow to manage your lawn is to allow it to go dormant. Lawn’s during a drought are under a tremendous amount of stress. If you allow your grass to go dormant, it stands a far better chance of surviving and then growing again the following year. There are several types so grass that can handle drought conditions. Unlike most plants, including weeds oddly enough, several types of grass go dormant during a drought. Once the weather cools off and rains come back, your lawn will wake back up, come back to life as it were and become green.

Follow the strategies listed below when there’s a drought going on:

  • Make sure you do not aerate, fertilize or add herbicides
  • When mowing, cut 1/3rd of the length of your lawn grass blades, never more
  • Open lawn areas with zero shade are more heavily impacted negatively when areas with shade
  • Hot temperatures and drought mean soil gets hotter, water goes up the atmosphere quicker, putting both soil and grass open to damage it cannot recover from ever.
  • Longer grass gives better shade to your soil which means the grass is able to grow stronger root systems and have a better chance of surviving.
  • When mowing your lawn during a drought, don’t capture the cut grass. Lease it on the lawn to protect the soil and help your lawn keep water around from watering longer. This strategy will help your lawn and soil survive better during a drought.

With this strategic Albuquerque lawn watering plan, you’ll now be able to make the most of the watering and hopefully grow a stunning lawn, save on watering and deal with a drought, the next time one comes around the Duke City.

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