Albuquerque Xeriscaping Save Money and Add Value to Your Albuquerque Home – Part Two

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Xeriscaping is quite often called zeroscaping and for many people the name of the landscaping style means lower water use landscaping. However, the correct name is xeriscape or xeriscaping. When xeriscaping first became popular 30 plus years ago, the title and the reality of it sounded like the end of the front yard and back yard as we knew it. It is simple enough a landscaping style or method that requires little to no watering. It looks great and it means mowing the lawn is no longer a chore you need to do because with xeriscaping the lawn is gone.

Around America and in Albuquerque most homes use around 300 gallons of water a day and about 1/3rd of the water is used outside on the lawn, flowerbeds, the garden, and landscaping.

Drought is way of life in the great Southwest, including New Mexico, which annually gets around 12 inches of rainfall per year. From a financial perspective, a conservation support and saving the environment, xeriscaping your Albuquerque yards, both front and back makes perfect sense.   Xeriscaping a yard costs money and it can take a few years to recapture the cost. There are several strategies you can follow to save money xeriscaping your yard. Feature here are several ways to save money redoing your yard using landscaping.

Strategies for Xeriscape Landscaping Your Albuquerque’s Home Yard

4. Look at Plant Prices at Local Plant Nurseries Where Landscaping Companies Buyer Plants for Their Landscaping Jobs

Albuquerque plant nurseries offer more plants and better selections because most of them own separate farms where they grow plants and trees.

High end nurseries quite often have plant prices as good or better than the big box stores, but local nurseries that own separate plant farms many times offer plants and trees at far lower prices.

5. Take Your Time and Start with Small Plant and Tree Purchases

Buying all the plants and trees you need want immediately would cost a ton of money. Smaller plants, trees and shrubs are less expensive. They may take longer to grow to mature and look amazing, but you have to start somewhere and saving money on a landscaping project is always a good thing. Doing a landscaping project with seeds can be rewarding and a save a lot of money.

If you want a grass lawn, grass seed is easy enough and it costs 25 % of the cost of a sod lawn, keeping in mind the cost of watering it. Fruit tree and vegetable seeds are cheap. Most seed packet bags costs about the same as only one plant.

6. Xeriscape Landscaping Ground Cover May Be Available for Free
Explore options with Albuquerque and local counties including Bernalillo, Valencia and Sandoval to see if they offer free or low cost mulch, wood chips, dirt or rocks. Many offer it for free so you should take advantage of it if you can find a way to get the material and bring it to your home. Check out resources like Craigslist or local businesses offer wood chips for free like local tree trimming companies.

All around the country there are homeowners that have scored a giant load of wood chips for nothing deliver right the front yard. Craigslist has ads all time where homeowner is doing a project themselves and they need to get rid of gravel, rocks or even dirt and they want you to have for nothing. Nylon bags full of rocks are for sale at local big box retailer that cost a lot. Why not seek out a free source of the same material and save some money?

7. Do Not Purchase Sand in Bags, Buy it By the Ton Delivered to Your Home for Way Less Money

People buy 100 bags of sand from big box retailers that they have to carry themselves, lift them in their car or truck, lift them out again when they get home and then use their wheel barrow to bring it in their yard where they need. You can order a several tons of sand delivered to your home, not do all that dangerous 100 pound sand bag lifting and save a lot of money in the process.

Albuquerque Xeriscaping can be done on a budget and some of the materials you use can be found for free. A well-done xeriscape landscaped yard can save you money on your water bill, help the environment because it requires little or no fertilizer or pesticides and it will be beautiful.