Albuquerque Xeriscaping – How to Save Time, Money and WATER – Part Two

Albuquerque Xeriscaping

Albuquerque Xeriscaping
Albuquerque Xeriscaping – How to Save Time, Money and WATER
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The water on earth is mostly salt water. It cannot be used for drinking water or for crops, gardens, or lawns. The majority of freshwater is frozen water in glaciers at the polar ice caps. These two factors mean the freshwater on the rest of the planet for plants and drinking is limited. As the world population grows water into a precious resource that is important for our survival. Freshwater costs money. The price keeps going up and up. Along those lines, in places like Albuquerque, NM, a high desert community in the southwest, water is one of its most valuable resources.

Because of the reasons mentioned so far it is imperative we determine ingenious but workable methods that do not cost a lot to conserve water. This needs to be done to save water, one of our planet’s most precious resources and save money in the long and short term.  

For Albuquerque landscaping companies, gardeners, and homeowners, one method and can be implemented to save both water and money is xeriscaping. Xeriscaping is landscaping with low water plants and flowers combined with intricate rock, decorative rock and features laid out in stunning designs in place of traditional heavy water use grass lawns. It is a fact that xeriscaping lowers water use through the installation of gardens, lawns and landscaping at homes and commercial building locations. Albuquerque, NM, is a xeriscaping hotspot. This method of landscaping has been used in the community going back to the 1980’s. It takes a good plan, and investment and hard work to install a xeriscape into a property. It will eventually save the owner immensely in the weeks, months, and years to come on their water bill.  

Keep Lawn Grass Installation Down or Eliminate Its Use

Albuquerque xeriscaping involves using low water native plants and landscaping that uses low amounts of water, but it does not mean you cannot install a grass lawn. Lawns need a ton of water to survive and stay healthy. This is an issue in Albuquerque, NM, where water is both scarce and expensive. To overcome the issue of overwatering too much water use, the Water Authority of the City of Albuquerque, NM has instituted a strict watering policy which mandates watering only on certain days of the week.

There is a wide selection of snappy yard features that can be installed to use instead of installing good old lawn grass. You might consider installing a stone courtyard in Spanish Hacienda or Italian Villa style. Either would create a wonderful backyard setting perfect for relaxation and parties. A compact dirt area set up with a style wood border covered in pecan or wood bark mulch is another easy and inexpensive option to consider instead of grass. Installing a series of wood decks set up in a series of different walkways and individual deck levels is also something else to consider going compared to installing a traditional lawn. One native grass that uses smaller amounts of water that might be worth considering is buffalo grass.

Well Design Water Irrigation System

Planning out irrigation for new xeriscape landscaping involves connecting all dots from the water source to each of the plants being installed. It also requires designing xeriscaping that will make the most of each gallon of water delivered to each plant, so it is used efficiently by the plant. The best way to do that is set up each plant of a dripper, install mulch around each plant so the plant the soil it is planted in retain the water and do not give it up quickly to evaporation. Installing xeriscape landscaping in a terraced layout can improve the water retention of each are from natural rainfall. Planting thirsty plants near each other can also conserve water.

Using a strategy of creating a written design with each plant and irrigation laid out for your xeriscape landscaping of your Albuquerque home is the best way to create design that will look amazing and thrive for years to come. A xeriscaped yard may not seem real beforehand, but once all the plants are installed and properly mulched and irrigation is setup you will have a stunning yard that does not need much water, it will not take much work and it will not cost much to maintain. Saving money on your water bill and saving water in the process can be achieved by using the advice feature here. Xeriscaping may be just the ticket you have been look for to beautify your Albuquerque home, help the earth through water conservation and save money in the short and long run.