Albuquerque Xeriscaping Basics – The Ultimate Landscaping Game Plan that Saves Water – Part Two

Albuquerque Xeriscaping Basics – The Ultimate Landscaping Game Plan that Saves Water – Part Two

Albuquerque xeriscaping is a great way to save water and save money. The average Albuquerque family of four consumes around 70 gallons of water per day, almost 26,000 gallons per year to water their garden and their lawn. Albuquerque landscaping experts like R & S Landscaping, estimate 50% of the 26,000 is wasted because of poorly designed irrigation systems, using too much water, the famous Albuquerque wind and good old fashion evaporation. Changing your Albuquerque home’s landscaping to a specially designed Albuquerque xeriscaping landscape system specifically designed with local low water plants and beautiful decorative rocks can lower your water use by up to 50%.

In 1981 several landscaping professionals and water industry experts in Colorado came up with the name Xeriscaping, which is a combination of the Greek word, “xeros”, which means dry and the word landscape. Basically, Xeriscaping is an ongoing method of landscaping which saves water, takes care of the natural environment and its outcome is far lower maintenance, far lower water use and it saves money immediately.

Robert Kapinski, the owner of R & S Landscaping, Inc, an Albuquerque landscaping company, has been providing Xeriscaping landscaping to Albuquerque homeowners and Albuquerque commercial property owners since the company opened for business in 1991.

Xeriscaping landscaping is made up of seven basic components, of which here are 5 through 7 as follows:

  1. Efficient Water Irrigation

Put plants into area groups based on each group’s watering needs. Set up plant groups into zones for vegetable gardens, flower gardens, shrubs, and grass lawns. Employ a well-designed drip irrigation system to direct water straight into your Albuquerque xeriscaping landscaping installed plants.

  • Top-Soil Mulching Employment

Add 2 inches of bark mulch or pecan shell mulch to the top installed plant and to any flower garden, shrub base, tree base or vegetable garden. Mulch will help your xeriscaping look stunning, keep in moisture, maintain plant cooling, lower water evaporation, and help fight weeds from growing.

  • Landscape Maintenance Ease

Albuquerque xeriscaping landscaping is as easy as it gets. Natural xeriscaping landscaping reduces maintenance and complex landscaping with high water plants with little or no xeriscaping features normally means more landscaping maintenance. Albuquerque xeriscaping landscaping means lower water bills and lower maintenance.

Albuquerque Xeriscaping Landscaping Solutions

R & S Landscaping, Inc., has installed xeriscaping landscaping throughout the Albuquerque area. When you are ready to make the move to make the investment into a specially designed Albuquerque xeriscaping landscaping system for your property, give us a call at 505-271-8419 for a free quote