Albuquerque Xeriscaping Basics – The Ultimate Landscaping Game Plan that Saves Water – Part One

Albuquerque Xeriscaping Basics - The Ultimate Landscaping Game Plan that Saves Water - Part One by R and S Landscaping 505-271-8419 a

Albuquerque xeriscaping is a great way to save water and save money. The average Albuquerque family of four consumes around 70 gallons of water per day, almost 26,000 gallons per year to water their garden and their lawn. Albuquerque landscaping experts like R & S Landscaping, estimate 50% of the 26,000 is wasted because of poorly designed irrigation systems, using too much water, the famous Albuquerque wind and good old fashion evaporation. Changing your Albuquerque home’s landscaping to a specially designed Albuquerque xeriscaping landscape system specifically designed with local low water plants and beautiful decorative rocks can lower your water use by up to 50%.

In 1981 several landscaping professionals and water industry experts in Colorado came up with the name Xeriscaping, which is a combination of the Greek word, “xeros”, which means dry and the word landscape. Basically, Xeriscaping is an ongoing method of landscaping which saves water, takes care of the natural environment and its outcome is far lower maintenance, far lower water use and it saves money immediately.

Robert Kapinski, the owner of R & S Landscaping, Inc, an Albuquerque landscaping company, has been providing Xeriscaping landscaping to Albuquerque homeowners and Albuquerque commercial property owners since the company opened for business in 1991.

Xeriscaping landscaping is made up of 7 basic components, of which here are the first 4 as follows:

  1. Develop a Smart Well Thought Out Plan & Create an Excellent Design  

    A top-level xeriscaping landscaping project begins with a smart plant that lays out the hardscapes, xeriscaping plants and smart irrigation strategies that save water. Xeriscaping can be executed by using the existing landscaping or by taking the area down to bare dirt of the entire landscaping area and installing a brand-new xeriscaping landscaping system.
  2. Choose Plants and Select Zone Plants

    Pick plants that will do well in the Albuquerque climate zone and the microclimate of your part of Albuquerque. Choose plants that require low amounts of water. You do not have to choose native plants.  Plant choices need to be based on the soil at the property, factors that impact the environment, such as low tree coverage or high tree coverage with lots of shade, available plant space and the topography of the property.  Tilling the property extensively and mulching down to 24 inches will improve the success rate of any plant you choose because the soil will retain water better and it will have far more nutrients.
  3. Eliminate Grass or Reduce Its Employment

    In many parts of Albuquerque bluegrass is used over 75% – 90% of Albuquerque home landscaping. It uses up for more water than ordinary landscaping plants and it uses immensely more that xeriscaping plants. To change this picture till up the existing grass or have a local landscaping company come remove it for the free sod. Then, once the grass has been removed replace it with lower water grass, such as native plains buffalo grass or replace it xeriscaping plants. Buffalo grass requires 70% less water than Kentucky bluegrass.
  4. Deep Soil Mulching Soil Betterment

    Healthy plants grown in nutrient rich Albuquerque landscaping soil. Soil made up of nutrient rich soil made up of complex organic plant-based material holds water better and helps plants develop strong deep root systems, plus it helps lower runoff of rainwater and water added from property owners. To make the soil better on any property it is a simple process of tilling down 24 inches and then tilling in high-grade nutrient rich mulch into the soil

Albuquerque Xeriscaping Landscaping Solutions

R & S Landscaping, Inc., has installed xeriscaping landscaping throughout the Albuquerque area since 1991. When you are ready to make the move to make the investment into a specially designed Albuquerque xeriscaping landscaping system for your property, give us a call at 505-271-8419 for a free quote