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Albuquerque Springtime Lawn Preparation 2020 – Part Three

Apply Pre-emergent Herbicides

Albuquerque Springtime Lawn Preparation 2020 by R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419
Albuquerque Springtime Lawn Preparation 2020 by R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419

If you are aware of your yard having a problem with annual weeds, such as crabgrass, then it is important that you apply pre-emergent herbicides along with your fertilization. If you need to address weeds before seedlings emerge, pre-emergent herbicides are an excellent way to accomplish this. These herbicides create a type of shield that prevents seed germination. Do not aerate your soil after implementing pre-emergent herbicides, as it will break the integrity of the shield, making it much less effective.

Crabgrass begins to attack lawns when its seeds germinate in spring, which is why over-seeding is an autumn chore. You cannot just kill off the crabgrass as it appears, unfortunately. The pre-emergent herbicides work against most all seeds, including grass. This makes it extremely difficult to get new grass to flourish, especially when competing with the crabgrass as well. Fall frosts kill off crabgrass, which will give your new grass a chance to strengthen its base before facing an encounter with crabgrass.

There is a chemical product named “Tupersan” you should use if you absolutely must over-seed in the spring. This pre-emergent herbicide does not hinder lawn grass seeds. If you are opposed to chemicals in your lawn care routine, postponing over-seeding until fall is your best option.

Apply Post-emergent Herbicides (Or Pull Weeds)

The dandelion is a perennial weed, and although the pop of color may be desirable to some, it is a good idea to snap off their flower stems at the very least unless you want an invasion. If you would like them gone for good, you can either dig them out by the roots, or spray them with a post-emergent herbicide. If you decide to spray them, be sure to find a post-emergent herbicide that is designed for broadleaf weeds. These post-emergent herbicides are more effective to spray the dandelions in fall than in the spring. If you have been practicing organic landscaping – meaning you have chosen not to use chemicals on your lawn, you can gather the dandelion greens and eat them.

Aside from proper lawn care, there are other preparations to consider when getting ready for summer, such as caring for your lawn mower. This is the most vital tool you will use caring for your landscaping. It is important to know how to use one to your best advantage, and to ensure that your lawn mower will be reliable throughout the entire season.

Tune-Up Existing Lawn Mowers

If your lawn mower is not starting up as easily as it should, that is a clear indication that it is time for a tune up. Mowing the lawn is enough work as it is, so don’t set yourself up for a fight with your machine every time you go to use it.

It is advised that you have your mower tuned up every spring, so you don’t get frustrated when it comes time for it to be put to use.

Buy a New Lawn Mower

Maybe your lawn mower has had a nice long life. Perhaps it just wasn’t the right one for your landscaping needs. If it is time for a change, do some research before making your next investment.

Review Lawn Mowing Strategies

Spring is a great time to review and consider employing different mowing techniques. Perhaps you’re thinking, what more could possibly go into mowing your lawn than pushing the mower around. Unless you only do it as a mindless chore to keep your neighbors and or family off your back, there’s a bit more to it than that. Different mowing practices can greatly improve the health of your grass.

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