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Albuquerque Springtime Garden Preparation – Part Three

Great plants can translate into an amazingly beautiful Albuquerque garden, but they will not make it happen just by virtue of the quality and beauty of the plants themselves. A stunning Albuquerque garden mandates a completion of a significant amount of garden readiness tasks and standard pre-spring upkeep activities for it to happen. Prior to planting your Albuquerque garden in spring 2020 here’s a great to-do-list guide you can follow to get your garden ready for a stunningly beautiful season this year.

Built Out Raised Planter Boxes for Albuquerque Gardens – R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419

Build Out Planters, Garden Beds, and Plant Window Boxes

It’s simple to become thrilled with the different plant choices available online and at local plant nurseries and end up buying so many plants that you do not have enough places to plant them. While it’s still cold out in later winter and early spring, take the time to create places and buy planters to plant all your plants, like window boxes, big flowerpots, ready-made planter boxes and hanging plant pots. Do all your work now so you’re ready to plant your plants when spring turns the corner.

Split Up Perennials for Better Results

Perennials for Albuquerque Gardens - R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419
Perennials for Albuquerque Gardens – R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419

Many perennials have a growth pattern where the tubers grow close together, which cause the plant growth to become poorer over time. The way to combat this is to divide them up in the first part of the spring. Several perennials benefit dramatically from being divided up. Prior to the spring grown season kicking into high gear, provide room for the plants to grow by taking the following strategy: A. Dig down and around the perennial clump. Be sure to go wide when digging so the root does not get damaged. B. Dig down under the plant root ball and then gently pull it out of the ground. C. Take apart the roots so there are several individual root stocks/tubers. In certain instances, the tubers will need to be separated with a strong knife. D. Plant the new set of individual tubers over a bigger area, spacing them evenly with plenty of space around each one. Doing this strategy will enhance the blooms presentation in your garden. It is a great way to save money and make the most of a new bigger collection of individual perennials.

Point: When the block of perennials is massive and you cannot remove it from the ground, dig into the clump with two garden fork tools and move it side to side directly in the center, gently splitting them in half. From there, pull out each half and divide them for planting like suggested above.

Doing Albuquerque springtime garden preparation takes work, but the work is well worth the results you’ll realize. There’s plenty work involved, but the end it will payoff in a big way.