Albuquerque Sod Lawn—How to Install it So it is Successful by R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419

If your Albuquerque lawn is full of weeds or if your backyard and front yard are plain dirt, installing high-quality sod is the simplest way to have a stunning lawn. The cost of sod is about $800 for a 2,000 square foot lawn, if you do the install DIY. The cost is .40 cents per square foot. Whenever possible, lay sod in the springtime in places where cool-season grass does well and install sod all your round in locations where warm-season grass is best to use. Here are the steps you need to take to make sure your lawn like an Albuquerque sod lawn installation professional. The steps are as follows:

Seam In-Fill Action Plan

In-fill high quality potting soil or high-end topsoil along the seams of the entire lawn. Be sure to not pull up edges of the sod turf you just installed.

Roll Sod with a Lawn Roller

Connecting your new sod root system to the freshly moistened organic rich soil it is laid on is important for the success of your new sod lawn. The roots will project downward seeking nutrition, but if the roots are right next to the soil it improves the chances of this happening. Do not walk on the sod or allow any foot traffic of any kind, pets or otherwise, for 3 to 4 weeks. This is will give the sod and its entire root system a better chance at getting established and then for the grass to begin to grow.  

Watering New Albuquerque Sod Grass the Right Way

Sod that has just been installed needs to be watered daily and completely for seven days. Do not allow water to pond and puddle on the sod. If this occurs water less. For week two, water every other day. Reducing watering gives the sod grass the signal to grow its root system to get the water it needs by growing into the soil. Lawns that are doing well have established successful root systems. For week three water 2 times a week. From week four on, provide water to the tune of 1 inch of water weekly from either rainfall or irrigation watering.

Mowing your New Sod Grass Lawn

Mow your new sod grass lawn when it the grass blades are 3 inches long and 2 weeks minimum have elapsed. Do not use a riding mower to mow the lawn. Use a common walk-behind lawn mower with its grass catcher installed. New sod grass lawns do not have the established growth to handle grass clippings matting, which will smother it and possible cause the section it covers to die. Take the clippings and put them in your vegetable garden, in your tree wells or add them to your compost bin. Before you mow, sharpen your lawn mower blades so each blade of grass gets a clean cut. Only cut down to 1 ½ inches of grass.

New Sod Lawn Fertilizer Schedule

Add starter fertilizer to your new sod grass lawn after it has had 4 weeks to grown. Do not allow foot traffic on the lawn for 1 full month after your new sod lawn has been installed. Once a month has passed you can revel in the glory of your new lawn.

By following these steps when installing your new Albuquerque sod lawn, you should be able to enjoy your lawn for years to come. If you decide you do not want to install your sod lawn, give the professional Albuquerque sod lawn installation experts at R & S Landscaping.

Albuquerque Sod Lawn—How to Install it So it is Successful by R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419

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