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If your Albuquerque lawn is full of weeds or if your backyard and front yard are plain dirt, installing high-quality sod is the simplest way to have a stunning lawn. The cost of sod is about $800 for a 2,000 square foot lawn, if you do the install DIY. The cost is .40 cents per square foot. Whenever possible, lay sod in the springtime in places where cool-season grass does well and install sod all your round in locations where warm-season grass is best to use. Here are the steps you need to take to make sure your lawn like an Albuquerque sod lawn installation professional. The steps are as follows:

Test Your Yard Soil

Prior to laying your new sod lawn, test your soil. This will give you the data about your soil pH levels that you need. Turf grass grows well in soil that has a pH level of 6 to 7.5, which is a tad on the side of being acidic. You can get a soil test kit from the Albuquerque local agricultural extension office. Gather soil samples from multiple spots from around the yard. Place the soil in a bucket, mix it together and then put it in a soil testing back. The cost to get your soil tested will be around $15. Normally you are looking at 14 days to get your results back. If your soil is to acidic or not acidic enough change the soil composition to the optimum pH level and give the soil time to do its thing organically at least several days before you lay your sod. Give yourself the needed time to test your soil, adjust the backyard and front yard soil accordingly and for the soil to acclimate chemically in the open air to its new pH level.

Complete Yard Measurements for Sod Grass Areas

To know how much sod grass rolls you will need to buy for your new sod lawn, measure the area with a quality measuring tape. Write down the measurements one by one after each measurement is complete. If need be, get someone to assist you while you are doing the measurements. Buy 5% more than the total square feet total you measure so you will have more than enough sod grass to complete the job and not have to go back and buy more. Buy the sod you need from the sod farm out in Moriarty, NM and get it delivered. They will inquire about your yard composition including the amount of use the grass will get, the sunlight it will receive and the hardiness zone it is in. The answers you provide will give them the needed information they need to sell and deliver the best sod for your Albuquerque lawn. Check to make certain the sod will be delivered to your home within 24 hours of it being cut at the sod farm. Have your yard area soil prepped and ready for the new sod. Be sure to have all the equipment on hand needed to do the job the right way and the team there to install it when it is delivered.

Add starter fertilizer to your new sod grass lawn after it has had 4 weeks to grown. Do not allow foot traffic on the lawn for 1 full month after your new sod lawn has been installed. Once a month has passed you can revel in the glory of your new lawn.

By following these steps when installing your new Albuquerque sod lawn, you should be able to enjoy your lawn for years to come. If you decide you do not want to install your sod lawn, give the professional Albuquerque sod lawn installation experts at R & S Landscaping.

Albuquerque Sod Lawn—How to Install it So it is Successful by R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419
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