Albuquerque Lawn Winterizing—Here's How to Do it Right

Albuquerque winter is coming, for your lawn. For many parts of the country, the winter season usually indicates that your front or back lawn is destined to go dormant during the cold months of the year. In the southern parts of the US, winter typically creates for overseeding to preserve a green lawn. While in the northern part of the US, temperatures are usually too cold for any type of lawn growth, which leaves many homeowners waiting for spring and warmer weather. As a homeowner, you should know that lawn care during the dog days of winter will mean a healthier yard during the warmer parts of the year. Here are some key Albuquerque lawn winterizing tips to keep that yard of yours beautiful.

Using the Correct Seasonal Grass Seeds to Seed Your Albuquerque Lawn

A common mistake homeowner’s make during winter is not using the correct grass seed. Surprisingly, there are different lawn seeds for different seasons. So, with that said, the correct type of grass seed that should be used during the winter season will be labeled as ‘cool season’ or ‘cool weather’ on the packaging. Like spreading the fertilizer, use a spread to spread grass seed throughout the lawn area in a back and forth pattern to assure the whole area is covered.

Proper Watering and Raking During the Albuquerque Winter

Typically, during an Albuquerque winter, soil hardens to protect roots, animals, and microbes. As a final key tip for proper lawn care for the cold season, use a rake to break up the spikes of soil that were pulled up from the spade tool to cover the seeds. Afterwards, water the area to keep it damp, which will prevent the soil from drying out.

Albuquerque winter lawn care requires planning, and an action plan that includes fertilizing, lawn aeration, lawn seeding, raking, and watering. By following the recommended steps featured here, when spring time rolls around in Albuquerque, your lawn will not only be in good shape for the upcoming growth cycle, it will thrive because your lawn has been fertilized, aerated, seeded and raked. It is in great shape now and it has been prepared for a great growth season in 2021.

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