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Albuquerque Lawn Weed Solutions – Part Two

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It is a fact that the nicest lawns in the world will still have weeds. Weeds are bothersome, nasty and some weeds can hurt you because they have thorns, thistles and goat heads that are painful when stepped on. Weeds are big water hogs and they often pull nutrients out of the soil and rob the plants in your gardens and yard from the nutrients they need. With all those weed negatives in mind, what it going to be covered here are Albuquerque lawn weed solutions killing weeds and not killing your home’s lawn grass.

It happens that there are several tips you can follow to attempt ridding your home’s lawn of weeds. Taking the natural path when it comes to employing weed eradication tips is always best normally because they most likely will not harm the environment and they will most likely not put your pets at risk.

Side Note: If your weed eradication steps have gotten you nowhere and the weeds are still around in your Albuquerque lawn it’s time to pick up the phone and call the Albuquerque landscaping professionals at R & S Landscaping at 505-271-8419 a free weeding quote.

Weed Eradication

When your home’s lawn, garden and sidewalks are covered in weeds immediate action is needed to address the issue. The smart thing to do is to act right away due to the fact weeds are unsightly and because most cities have ordinances on the books prohibiting weeds. If weeds are left unchecked on person’s property, the local city code enforcer will most likely write a warning and then issue a ticket that comes with a court date and fines. Weeds can be dealt with using chemical sprays, but recent evidence points to health issues for people and pets caused by these sprays so it may not be wise to use them. The smart weed eradication approach is rid them from your property the natural way. Featured here are list of weed eradication tips to follow to rid your property of weeds the natural way:

  • Suffocate weeds with wet newspapers
  • Treat weeds with dish soap and vodka
  • Plant weed defeating plants
  • Treat weeds with essential oils that kill weeds
  • Add mulch to your lawn overpower weeds
  • Get a weed eradication quote from Albuquerque landscaping company

3. Newspaper Weed Killer

Using newspaper to kill weeds may sound like a method from out in left field, but it turns out it is a very successful strategy to use when trying to kill large sections where there are tons of weeds. Buy a couple of issues of the local newspaper. Peel off 10 sheets individually from the papers and soak them nicely. Place the wet newspaper sheets on top of weeds and then throw mulch, potting soil or mulch on top of each sheet so they stay in place. The weeds will die from lack of sunlight, air and from the newspaper decomposition

4. Vodka Spray Weed Killer

In many homes around the country vodka is an alcoholic beverage enjoyed regularly. Vodka is also useful when combined with handful of drops of ordinary dish soap for killing weeds. Combine the two ingredients in a spray bottle. Take your new week killing mixture and spray it on the stem and leaves of the weeds around your home. When the rays of the sun hit the plants you have sprayed, it will severely burn and kill them. Once the weeds are dead, all that is left for you to do is pull the dead plants and throw them away.

5. Weed-Inhibition Plants to GROW

When your garden is being crushed by weed growth which causes you to not add new plants or crops to your garden, it may be time to add the plant types to it that kill weeds. The plants suggested here are wonderful groundcover, which has a growing pattern of spreading quickly as it grows out. Groundcover plants are not for everyone, but if you do choose to plant them you will see how they reduce or stop weeds from growing in your garden. Featured here is a selection of weed inhibition plants you can grow:

  • Creeping Jenny plant
  • Lady’s Mantle plant
  • Hosta plant
  • Greek Yarrow plant
  • Stone Crop plant
  • Creeping Phlox plant

6. Weed Killing with Essential Oils

Essential oils are an amazing product offering a variety of benefits, especially when it comes to use around the home. This versatile product is great for cleaning the home and for use in pest control. It can be used as a weed control spray product. The spray product is produced by combining 3 drops of wintergreen essential oil, three drops of clove, one-part vinegar and one-part castile soap into a spray bottle. Apply it two to three times or until all the weeds are dead in your garden or yard.  

7. Weed Killing with Mulch

Mulch is a very versatile product offering both yard beautification and weed killing benefits. Mulch provides the needed fuel in nutrients every garden requires to be successful; it looks good because it’s dark and rich looking; and it helps prevent weeds from growing. Applying large volumes of mulch to your garden all at once is the best strategy to use for it to provide the weed cover desired, nutrients it gives and the look the product provides.

8. Garden Weeds Out of Control?—Call an Albuquerque Landscaper

Weeds are amazing plants with a staggering amount of resiliency, resistant to lots of different strategies people use to get rid of them. After multiple tries if you find the weeds in your yard cannot be eradicated, it makes sense to call an Albuquerque landscaper to solve the problem for you. An experienced successful professional Albuquerque landscaping company will know the right actions to take to eliminate weeds from your yard and what to put in place to reduce the weed growth in the future. Hire a professional landscaper is a good choice as well because they will know what the best weed eradication solutions are available that will not ruin garden or your lawn. The last thing you want to do is to use a weed eradication solution that permanently wrecks your home’s garden or lawn. Scheduled lawn maintenance is the next step to take to make sure your lawn is weed free going forward. Call the Albuquerque landscaping company professionals at R & S Landscaping Inc at 505-275-9891 for free lawn maintenance quote.

Summing Up Weed Eradication Tips

Weeds are a pain in the neck, back and pocketbook. There are several solutions available to eradicate weeds, it’s just a matter of looking at them and deciding which one is the best for you. If the tips provided here are more than you want to undertake, call a landscaping professional for free quote to solve your weed problem.

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