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Albuquerque Lawn Weed Solutions – Part One

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It is a fact that the nicest lawns in the world will still have weeds. Weeds are bothersome, nasty and some weeds can hurt you because they have thorns, thistles and goat heads that are painful when stepped on. Weeds are big water hogs and they often pull nutrients out of the soil and rob the plants in your gardens and yard from the nutrients they need. With all those weed negatives in mind, what it going to be covered here are Albuquerque lawn weed solutions killing weeds and not killing your home’s lawn grass.

It happens that there are several tips you can follow to attempt ridding your home’s lawn of weeds. Taking the natural path when it comes to employing weed eradication tips is always best normally because they most likely will not harm the environment and they will most likely not put your pets at risk.

Side Note: If your weed eradication steps have gotten you nowhere and the weeds are still around in your Albuquerque lawn it’s time to pick up the phone and call the Albuquerque landscaping professionals at R & S Landscaping at 505-271-8419 a free weeding quote.

Weed Eradication

When your home’s lawn, garden and sidewalks are covered in weeds immediate action is needed to address the issue. The smart thing to do is to act right away due to the fact weeds are unsightly and because most cities have ordinances on the books prohibiting weeds. If weeds are left unchecked on person’s property, the local city code enforcer will most likely write a warning and then issue a ticket that comes with a court date and fines. Weeds can be dealt with using chemical sprays, but recent evidence points to health issues for people and pets caused by these sprays so it may not be wise to use them. The smart weed eradication approach is rid them from your property the natural way. Featured here are list of weed eradication tips to follow to rid your property of weeds the natural way:

  • Get rid of them the old-fashioned way by pulling them
  • Soak the weeds with hot saltwater
  • Suffocate weeds with wet newspapers
  • Treat weeds with dish soap and vodka
  • Plant weed defeating plants
  • Treat weeds with essential oils that kill weeds
  • Add mulch to your lawn overpower weeds
  • Get a weed eradication quote from Albuquerque landscaping company

1. Weed Pulling

The basic act of weed pulling is the number one method to successfully eradicate weeds from your home’s lawn or its garden. The key to successful weed pulling is to be sure you pull it completely including the entire root. The smartest way to be able to pull out the root and the entire weed itself is to do it when the ground is really soaked. Pull weeds using a high-quality set of gloves and a sturdy garden hand trowel. When you pull out a weed with its root intact it practically 100% assures that it will not return to make your lawn and garden life difficult, which weeds are known to do.

2. Hot Saltwater Kills Weeds

Saltwater kills plants through hydration, if you did not already know this fact. Plants are unable to live if they are burned with boiling hot water. Prepare gallons of hot saltwater solution using a ratio of three tablespoons of salt to two cups of boiling hot water. Spray the hot saltwater in a concentrated pattern on the weeds you want to kill and then watch what happens. After only a couple of days, the weeds will be ruined. Only use the hot saltwater weed killing method on isolated weeds growing between bricks and sidewalk cracks. Hot saltwater will kill grass, flowers or other landscaping plants easily, so it’s best not to use this method anywhere nearby.

Summing Up Albuquerque Weed Solutions

Face it Albuquerque, lawn weeds and garden weeds are a pain in the neck, back and pocketbook. There are several solutions available to eradicate weeds, it’s just a matter of looking at them and deciding which one is the best for you. If the tips provided here are more than you want to undertake, call an Albuquerque landscaping professional for free quote to solve your weed problem.

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