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Albuquerque Lawn Mowing Tips – Part Three

Fantastic Strategies to Follow to be an Awesome Albuquerque Lawn Owner Lawn Mower

  1. Do not try to catch up on your lawn mowing schedule if it has been rainy or you have been away all at one. Cut your lawn grass down 30 percent and then wait 3 days and cut it again.
  2. Reduce raking grass by mowing around the outside edge of the lawn first. This will send cut grass clippings from mowing towards the center of the lawn, making it easier to rake up excess grass clippings. Leave some grass clippings around the lawn for lawn fuel.
  3. Do not cut wet lawn grass. Grass clippings will cling to the mower blades or clog it, causing problems that are totally avoidable. Mower wheels will spin out and grass blades will not cut because they are too slick. Lawn grass soil will get compacted, which can also cause growth and lawn grass health problems.
  4. Do not mow your lawn when its brown or dormant because of drought. Grass plant crowns are fragile during a drought. If you mow your lawn it may crush them. If this happens your lawn grass plants will be destroyed and never come back.
  5. Cut your lawn in different directions each time you mow. Mowing your lawn following this strategy will vary the places your mower path takes, lessening the soil compaction that takes place and it allows your lawn grass to grow and thrive because it will grown in different directions, allowing it get sun and nutrients continually because of the direction the lawn grass blades are being cut.
  6. Cut your grass in gently wide angles while mowing. Reduce the amount of mowing around gardens and tree trunks by adding mulch beds around them.
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