Albuquerque Lawn Mowing Strategies – Here’s How to do it Right

Albquuerque Lawn Mowing Strategies - Here's How to do it Right by R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419

You want your Albuquerque lawn to look its best, but you don’t want to mow a lot. Time management is critical for taking care of your lawn and mowing the grass. There are both excellent and wrong methods to cut the property regarding lawn maintenance. Here are a few pointers from the Albuquerque lawn pros at R & S Landscaping on how to get the best results when mowing your lawn:

First, Conquer the Edges

First and foremost, focus on the boundaries of your lawn. Do two laps around the perimeter of the property (three if a fence surrounds your yard). You’ll be able to spin the mower around more easily and quickly if you do this first.

Pick a Pattern

Striped mowing is one of the most frequent and most straightforward mowing styles. Afterward, you’ll make another pass, which will somewhat overlap the prior one. Until the yard is mowed, continue do this step repetitively.

R & S Landscaping suggests switching up your mowing pattern every week, so if you always mow vertically one week, try a horizontal design next week.

According to lawn experts, circling is the most effective and easiest way to mow your grass. After you have finished cutting the yard’s perimeter, continue in the same circular motion for a couple more passes to reach the yard’s middle. This is an excellent way to mow most lawns since it eliminates the need for as many abrupt bends as mowing in rows.

Mix it Up

It doesn’t matter what pattern you follow; the important thing is to switch it up every week. As a result, your lawn will look better and be easier to mow because the grass won’t grow in just one direction.

Beneficial reminders

Albuquerque lawn are service provider R & S Landscaping recommends merely cutting the top third of the grass blades off when mowing. In this way, grass will locate water and nutrients more easily by deepening its root system in the soil. If lawn grass blades are cut too low, it stresses out the plant and can potentially cause it to die.

Early afternoons are ideal for mowing since they are more relaxed, and the sun is less harsh, allowing your grass to recuperate before the next day.  As the last step, keep your lawn mowers blade in good shape, and don’t dispose of grass cuttings. The nutrients in the clippings will enrich the soil.  Since this is the case, it’s best to let your lawn’s clippings decompose on the lawn after mowing.