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Albuquerque Lawn Fertilizing Tips for Top Results – Part Two

Albuquerque Lawn Fertilizing Tips for Top Results by R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419 a

Comprehending Albuquerque Fertilizer Application Timing

It is advised to fertilize your Albuquerque lawn four time per year. When you fertilize use a top of the line fertilizer product that is slow-release and organic.

First Fertilizer Application

When you apply your fertilizer for the first time of the season, it is wise to do it early on when your Albuquerque’s lawn is beginning to grow.

Fertilizing early in the season hands your lawn a plethora of important plant nutrient food that will assist in root growth and help it turn green sooner than later. When your fertilizer is introduced with a quality pre-grown weed killer, you give your lawn the time it takes to force out any weeds that want to pop up each year at the beginning of the season.

The smart advice to follow about when to add fertilizer for the first time each year is when it is 55 degrees Fahrenheit in your Albuquerque lawn soil.

Normally you will know when your lawn’s soil reaches its optimum temperature when local garden’s lilac flowers show their petals and when your lawn’s grass begins to come out from winter dormancy and sprouts.

To know your lawn soil is at the right temperature for lawn fertilizer application for sure, buy a lawn thermometer and check it for real, instead of guessing it is time because it has warmed up outdoors.

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