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Albuquerque Lawn Fertilizing Tips for Top Results – Part Four

Albuquerque Lawn Fertilizing by R & S Landscaping
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Employ Lawn Fertilizer During Grass Growth Phase

Regardless of the frequency you are applying lawn fertilizer, you should always adhere to a set strategy where you make sure your grass is growing the most quickly it normally does to apply fertilizer.

Putting too much fertilizer on your Albuquerque lawn can cause major problems. Those problems are as follows:

  • Fertilizer can damage the natural environment in your area. If there are natural bodies of water like streams, rivers, or lakes it can pollute them.
  • Application of too much fertilizer can ‘fry’ your lawn grass. If it ‘fries’ your grass it will literally rob your grass plant of its nutrient components, making it turn brown and even potentially die permanently.
  • Applying too much fertilizer means you are throwing away your hard-earned money, which is never good.

When grass is in a growth phase and doing well and you apply fertilizer at that point, it means you are providing the needed nutrients it requires when it is in the growth phase. You are also applying lawn fertilizer when it makes the most sense, which is when its growing, which will not cause stress to the grass. If grass is in phase where it is not growing, grass needs to establish a solid root system, and fertilizer application would keep that from happening.

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