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Albuquerque Lawn Fertilizing Tips for Top Results – Part Five

How to Choose the Right Lawn Fertilizer for your Lawn

Albuquerque Lawn Fertilizing Tips for Top Results - Part Five

Fertilizer comes in literally dozens of types to consider buying. The largest types to take into consideration are natural organic fertilizer as opposed to fertilizer that is synthetic.

Bearing that in mind, when you visit your local Albuquerque plant nursery, you will be asked if you want slow-release or quick-release lawn fertilizer. If you do not really know what the true difference is between one or the other the person from the store helping you to answer your questions. However, it turns out that there are important similarities between each type.

Slow-release lawn fertilizers are mostly organic. The reality of slow-release lawn fertilizers is that they provide assistance to your lawn soil so it can grow your lawn grass through natural means. The other side of the coin are synthetic lawn fertilizers which are far stronger. They assist your gras so it turns green quickly, but they provide little to no assistance for your lawn’s soil where it can help your lawn grow through more naturally through nutrition.  

Lawns that are supported with synthetic fertilizer are known to reduce lawn soil effectiveness in providing nutrients lawn grass needs. At some point your lawn may no longer grow naturally if synthetic lawn fertilizer is used continually. It is not the way to go if your goal is sustainable growth and lawn healthy.

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