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Albuquerque Lawn Aeration Tips – Part Two

Albuquerque Lawn Aeration Tips - R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419 d
Albuquerque Lawn Aeration Tips – R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419

People may not know this fact, but Albuquerque lawn aeration services are super beneficial for the health, growth and beauty of a lawn, but many homeowners and commercial property owners have not put this strategy into use at their property. Albuquerque Landscaping companies may see lawn aeration as a service that doesn’t get asked for much by property owners or they may not market it much because they are too busy.  However, the fact is they are truly missing the boat when it comes to offering this premier lawn care service. Lawn aeration services is a terrific powerful profitable opportunity to improve the stature of an Albuquerque landscaping business and make more money on a regular basis.

Aeration Season Evaluation

When fall season rolls around it is looked by most Albuquerque landscaping companies as cool season grass lawn aeration season. Grass roots grow deep leading up to the cooler season to get ready for the winter season. In areas where it is cooler, aeration is very important for the ongoing health and growth of a lawn because it is very good and enhancing grass root expansion when it is done followed with over-seeding or with the addition of the appropriate fertilizer. By using this strategy in cooler regions homeowners and commercial property owners are assisting their lawns in the upcoming winter season and getting it set to thrive ahead of time when springtime arrives.

Common practice over the years has been to do aeration in first part of fall to provide the needed days and weeks for the lawn to experience the benefit of lawn cores, seeding, fertilizer and water. It makes perfect sense to do aeration in the first part of fall, be it has been shown that a lawn that is aerated in November will assist the lawn in dealing with soil compaction problems with little or no problems. Just do lawn aeration before it’s too late makes the most sense.

Spring aeration is very positive for lawn health and growth. It is most likely that aeration done in the springtime might have a more positive impact compared to doing it in the fall because the soil the lawn is planted in will have frozen and thawed multiple times over the winter, making it not as tough for a lawn aerating machine to punch lawn cores out of the lawn.

It’s been hypothesized by some Albuquerque landscaping companies that doing aeration in the springtime will snap a lawn’s built in crabgrass layer. The fact is, experience shows that this is not the case. The key to success is the lawn must be solid and thick with mature growth for aeration to be successful and in the end benefit it. Thin lawns might be infested with crabgrass, but the upside impact of lawn aeration will assist the lawn making it thicker, healthier and stronger.

In places where its hot using a springtime aeration strategy with high quality fertilizer and proper water will assist lawn grass in handling super high temperatures and little to no rain that normally accompanies summertime.

Albuquerque Lawn Aeration – Is it for your lawn or not?

What do you need to see that indicates your lawn could use aeration? Best practices to determine if lawn aeration is for your lawn is to take core samples from the lawn and see exactly how deep the lawn’s compaction layers are and to see the depth of the lawn’s thatch. The key action to determine both things is to take several 3-inch lawn core plugs from different areas of the lawn and then check them out for both compaction and thatch depth. For lawns with a thatch layer of ½ inch or more, it makes sense to aerate lawn to reduce the amount extra thick thatch.

One the other ways to see if your lawn needs aerating is to water it and if there are weeds growing. When you water and you see water pooling on top of the lawn, it’s probable time to do lawn aeration. If your lawn is covered with weeds, it means your lawn is thin and it needs growth bad. One of the best ways to enhance growth is to do lawn aeration. Weed infiltration is mostly due to soil compaction. Weeds take over when grass growth is waning. Compacted Lawn areas with little sunlight often accumulate algae and moss. Again, it’s a good indicator it’s a smart move to do lawn aeration.

When an Albuquerque lawn or commercial property’s lawn landscaping has not been aerated in excess of 1 year, it’s a definite good bet that lawn aeration will help relieve compaction issues that are in happening. Completing a thorough lawn aeration followed with over-seeding and good watering will enhance lawn growth and health.