Albuquerque Lawn Aeration is a Wise Spring Move – Part Two

Albuquerque Lawn Aeration is a Wise Spring Move – Part Two

A beautiful, vibrant lawn takes commitment and care. Along with basics like mowing, watering, and fertilizing, there is one often overlooked task that is key to a lush landscape: aeration.

What exactly is Albuquerque lawn aeration and why does your grass need it? This article will explain the ins and outs so you can give your Albuquerque yard the royal treatment it deserves. Keep reading

The best time to aerate is when your grass is actively growing. That’s usually late spring for warm season grasses like bermuda, and early spring for cool season grasses like fescue. Aerating during prime growing time allows the grass to recover quickly and expand its root system into the newly aerated soil. Makes sense, right? You don’t want to aerate when the grass is dormant, because it can’t repair itself as quickly.

Now, why is aerating so crucial in the first place? Well, it accomplishes a few great things:

  • It literally punches holes in compacted soil, allowing air, water and nutrients to get down to the roots better. Roots need to breathe!
  • It breaks up tough thatch buildup that prevents water and nutrients from seeping down.
  • It gives the roots room to spread out and grow thicker and deeper.
  • It reduces puddling and runoff by improving drainage.

So in short – aeration gives your grass what it needs to thrive: oxygen, nutrients and room to grow. And doesn’t that make your lawn happy?

Spike vs Plug – Which Aeration Method is Best?

Now that you know why aeration is the bee’s knees for your lawn, let’s talk about the two main methods:

Spiking: This uses solid spikes to punch holes straight down into the soil.

Plugging: This actually removes small cores or “plugs” of grass and soil.

Definitely go for plug aeration if you can! Here’s why:

  • The plugs leave way more open space for air, water and nutrients to get down deeply.
  • Spikes can sometimes push dirt down and compact things even more. Plugs lift compaction up and out!
  • Plugs break up thick layers of thatch and allow better drainage.

Look for a plug aerator that pulls cores about 2-3 inches deep and 1/2 – 3/4 inches wide. You can rent one at a local home improvement store or equipment rental shop. Trust me, it’ll make a big difference compared to spiking!

Let’s Run Through the Step-By-Step Process

Ready to get aerating? Grab your plug aerator and follow these steps:

Start with moist soil. Aerating dry, compacted soil just won’t work well. The aerator will struggle and you could damage the lawn. So water the day before to moisten things up, or wait for a good soaking rain.

Make multiple passes. The machine covers a small area per pass, so go back and forth until the whole lawn is aerated. Don’t be afraid to overlap passes either. More holes = happier grass!

Leave the plugs. I know, it looks kinda weird with all those dirt plugs sitting on top. But let them be to break down naturally. As they decompose, the nutrient-rich organic matter will fill in the holes. Sweeeeet!

Break up plugs. After a couple days, run over them with a mower or rake them together and smash with a shovel to speed up decomposition. Then rake the crumbly bits around to fill aeration holes.

Carry on care. Keep watering and mowing as usual. Fertilize 4-6 weeks after aeration to feed the hungry roots! Any pre-emergent weed control you already applied won’t be affected either.

Aerate annually. For the healthiest lawn, make this an yearly ritual in early spring or fall based on your grass type.

See, that wasn’t so bad! With just a little bit of work, your lawn will be stronger and lusher. Aerating really makes a big difference you can see!

Keep Your Lawn Looking Lovely

A well-maintained lawn is something to be proud of, and aerating is an important part of the care process. Along with proper mowing, fertilizing, watering and weed control, it helps your grass thrive in Albuquerque’s arid climate.

I hope these aeration tips help you feel more confident to treat your lawn to some springtime love. Just a few passes with that plug aerator and you’ll give your grass the breath of fresh air it needs.

Your lawn works hard for you all year long – so show it some care when it needs it most as the growing season kicks off. Both you and your grass will be happy you did!

If you have any Albuquerque lawn aeration or other lawn care questions, feel free to reach out to R & S Landscaping at 505-271-8419. We’re always here to help friends in Albuquerque get the most gorgeous, green grass possible.