Albuquerque Landscaping with Trees – Part Two

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When it comes to Albuquerque landscaping, trees are just about the most wonderful plant to add to your property that will compliment your Albuquerque home’s landscaping throughout each season. The buds that bloom signal spring is here, the green tree leaves indicate spring and summer season is in full swing and the red and orange leaves later in the year inform us that fall is happening, and winter is just around the corner. Trees are an Albuquerque landscaping strategy that is a great addition to a home for lots of reasons, that’s for sure.

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You may not know it, but trees have far more benefits to provide your Albuquerque home landscaping than what you may imagine. You may have been thinking about improving your landscaping with trees, but just have not taken the plunge. Don’t wait to add trees to your landscaping. Add them now and you will see the benefits of planting them for years and years to come. Here is a list of advantages that trees will give your Albuquerque home’s landscaping:

1. Amazing Natural Shade

Shade is what trees come to the party with and it is this shade that may spell savings to you because you may be able to relay on your trees for shade instead of buy gazebo or set of patio slabs and shady trellis’. Giant trees with long extensive branch networks provide a wonder structure to hang a hammock on or they may become the perfect resource your place needed for shade to relax under. 5

2. Growing Your Own Crop

Growing fruit from your own fruit trees is a wonderful thing. For those who were lucky enough to have a grandmother make fresh apple butter from the apples grown on the branches of her very own apple trees, it’s a memory that will always stand out. Fruit is a wonderous part of nature. Adding fruit trees is one option to think about using when it comes to adding trees to your Albuquerque home landscaping. Be sure to do the homework to determine which fruit trees will thrive in the climate and soil in Albuquerque. Fruit trees require more work to keep them healthy and thriving, but the work will pay off with beautiful fruit crops for years to come. Here’s a list of fruit trees to consider for your Albuquerque home landscaping:

  • Apple Tree
  • Apricot Tree
  • Cherry Tree
  • Lemon Tree
  • Persimmon Tree
  • Plum Tree
  • Peach Tree
  • Pear Tree

3. Increased Albuquerque Property Value

Albuquerque home values normally go up when a full set of trees are added to the landscaping. There have been value estimate studies done in the past that indicate that property values increase by as much as 18% – 20% when trees are used throughout a home property’s landscaping. It may seem straight forward to most people that adding trees to your Albuquerque home landscaping will add value to your property, but bear in mind, using older bigger trees will add value, whereas adding small newer younger trees, or seedlings, will most likely not add any value. 

Install Trees to Your Albuquerque Home Landscaping

When it comes time to add trees to your Albuquerque home landscaping know there are several different choices to sort through. The easy choice is to install mature trees to your landscaping. This choice may seem easy, but mature trees cost a lot and they really require professional installation. Trees that are mature a usually immense and weigh a lot. You will not be able to bring mature trees from the nursery to your home using your own car or truck. They are just too big and heavy. Professionals need to be hired to transplant mature trees. Transplanting a mature tree is delicate operation requiring expertise and special knowledge. It will cost more, but you will realize the benefit immediately because the tree will not die, it will thrive and start providing you the shade, privacy and increased home value you are seeking.

Planting trees on your Albuquerque property can be done using seedling or saplings. Local nurseries around Albuquerque offer seedlings and tree saplings during the start of spring you will be able to plant throughout your Albuquerque home landscaping. Even though the root ball of seedlings and saplings are small, dig the hole for them wide and deep so the root ball will have the space and soil type it requires to grow properly. Seedlings and saplings have a long growth cy

Landscaping with Trees on a Budget

When you’re working with a small budget and you want to add trees to your landscaping place a call to your U.S. Forest Service in New Mexico or the New Mexico Game and Fish department. It’s possible that each department offers a free tree seedling program during springtime. If they do offer free tree seedlings, take advantage of it by picking some up and then planting them throughout your landscaping. You’ll be surprised and happy as you watch the seedlings grow into full grown trees in the coming years.

Tree Care Strategies

Mature trees and young trees require regular care. Seedlings and saplings need consistent weekly water and mature trees find water through their root system and rain. Trees required regular annual trimming and pruning. Tree bases require a deep well of several inches of mulch to help it retain water and fertilizer on a regular basis to prevent disease.

The Wrap Up – Albuquerque Landscaping with Trees

Trees provide a wide range of pluses for your home and the local environment with respect to air and local wildlife like birds and insects. With all these advantages it’s time to consider landscaping your Albuquerque home’s property with trees. Figure out a budget for both the trees and the ongoing maintenance and then move forward and buy and install a few trees. You’ll be glad that you did!