Albuquerque Landscaping with Trees – Part One

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When it comes to Albuquerque landscaping, trees are just about the most wonderful plant to add to your property that will compliment your Albuquerque home’s landscaping throughout each season. The buds that bloom signal spring is here, the green tree leaves indicate spring and summer season is in full swing and the red and orange leaves later in the year inform us that fall is happening, and winter is just around the corner. Trees are an Albuquerque landscaping strategy that is a great addition to a home for lots of reasons, that’s for sure.

You may not know it, but trees have far more benefits to provide your Albuquerque home landscaping than what you may imagine. You may have been thinking about improving your landscaping with trees, but just have not taken the plunge. Don’t wait to add trees to your landscaping. Add them now and you will see the benefits of planting them for years and years to come. Here is a list of advantages that trees will give your Albuquerque home’s landscaping:

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1. Albuquerque Home Privacy

When trees are installed in an Albuquerque home yard the first thing you’ll notice as the homeowner it the privacy they give you. Trees are wide with elongated branches, leaves and visual coverage, giving natural privacy because as we all know you cannot see through an object that is blocking your vision. The top tree to pick for privacy are evergreen trees because they are tall, and they have the natural branches and greenery to provide excellent visual privacy for your Albuquerque home. The trees are simple to take care of and they look stunning all year round

2. Trees are Great for the Environment

Adding trees to your Albuquerque home landscaping improves the environment for your family, your local neighbor and community and the different animals in the area as well. Trees improve water and air quality in the Albuquerque community. Trees can hold up to 14 pounds of carbon each year, which is turned into oxygen through the trees’ leaves. Trees are wonderful natural water cleaning machines that take out toxins from the ground water nearby. Trees are your way of helping lower pollution in the local environment which in turns help improve air quality.  

Picking trees to landscape your Albuquerque property will benefit the area environment and natural wildlife occurring in the area. Be sure to choose trees that thrive your local environment that are native to Albuquerque. Choosing those types of trees will give them the best chance of thriving and surviving. There’s a good chance local wildlife like birds and other animals will use it as a place to live once they get accustomed to it being in the area.  

3. Make the First Impression the Best One

Trees make curb appeal easy because they are stunning, peaceful, provide shade and improve the environment. Picking the correct tree for your property is critical. The are trees that flower, trees that have stunning foliage and trees that are just flat out majestic, giving you a lot of options to consider. Take a look at several trees you might consider adding your Albuquerque home landscaping:

  • White Spruce
  • Willow
  • Dawn Redwood
  • Sweetbay Magnolia
  • River Birch

The Wrap Up – Albuquerque Landscaping with Trees

Trees provide a wide range of pluses for your home and the local environment with respect to air and local wildlife like birds and insects. With all these advantages it’s time to consider landscaping your Albuquerque home’s property with trees. Figure out a budget for both the trees and the ongoing maintenance and then move forward and buy and install a few trees. You’ll be glad that you did!