Albuquerque Landscaping Plant Choice Guide – Part Two

Here’s a guide on what to consider when landscaping your Albuquerque home with different types of shrubs.

Albuquerque Landscaping Plant Choice Guide – Part One
  • Strategic Placement

Placing shrubs must be mapped out with a written plan before breaking ground. Once a plan has been made, when shrubs in the plan are being planted be sure to plant each one with a set distance to give each one room to grow to full size.  The last thing you want is a bunch of shrubs growing into each other and then getting tangled together. Your plant inventory will be small when they arrive from the local nursery, but eventually they will grow to full size, so that fact should be taken into account when planting.  

  • Pick Beautiful Blooming Shrubs

If your desire is to have dazzling eye catching landscaping, choose flowering shrubs that bloom multiple times in a season. Flowering shrubs add fragrance, color and vibrance to landscaping, especially for Albuquerque home landscaping, where the landscaping and environment tends to brown here in the Southwest.

  • Go with Native Plants

Pick native plants when possible for your home’s landscaping. Native plants require less care, less pest control and less water, making choosing them for your project a wise choice.

Here are a handful of shrubs to look at including in your Albuquerque home landscaping project.

The Amazing New Mexico Privet

The Desert Olive, which is it well known name, is a wonderful shrub. It grows to spectacular sizes. It can get as big as 10 feet wide and up to 18 feet high. Its leaves are green during the spring and summer and they change to green in the fall.

The Fabulous Three Leaf Sumac

The common name for the Three Leaf Sumac is the Skunkbush. Its features include 3 leaves that change to red each fall season, and it has tiny yellow flowers with red fruits during the spring. If having lots of color featured in your landscaping is the thing you really want and love, the Three Leaf Sumac is the best. Its leaves smell nice when brushed up against or when they’re crushed.

The Stunning Butterfly Bush

The Butterfly bush is a wonderful plant. During mid-summer it blooms with amazingly fragrant flowers. Once the flowers bloom your landscaping becomes the life of the party for Albuquerque hummingbirds and butterflies. One of the best features about this shrub is that it is know for growing quickly during the spring and summer growing season.

The Gorgeous Russian Sage

Russian Sage blossoms are lavender blue. The blossoms come out during late spring and throughout the summer time. The shrub grows upright, making it perfect to fit in with other types of plants and shrubs to fill out your landscaping project.t

The Fantastic Forsythia

One of the most stunning shrubs of all are Forsythia. Its blooms yellow flowers during the early part of the spring, making a nice choice for early yearly color in your landscaping. The rest of the seasons it changes to a green color, making a wonderful addition for a nice neutral green color tone to include with your landscaping.

Including shrubs in your Albuquerque home landscaping plan is smart because they are normally hearty, and they add lots of wonderful color, fragrances, depth and beauty. In Albuquerque, NM, when you’re all set to add landscaping to your home give us call at R & S Landscaping. We’d love to help you plan out your landscaping project and bring it to fruition.