Albuquerque Heat Wave 2020 Garden and Lawn Watering Tips - Part One by R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419 a

The 2020 Albuquerque heat wave has led many of us outside to spend time in our Albuquerque home gardens and landscaped patio areas because after the sun goes down things cool off and these Albuquerque home Shangri-La areas pull us in pause, relax and rest after these blazing hot days. However, you must stay vigilant when it comes to watering during these triple digit heat days because they can bring on destruction to your home’s outdoor plants.

Outdoor temperatures from 90 degrees Fahrenheit and above mean plants require watering. The rub comes into play is having the proper knowledge of when the premier time is to water when it is so darn hot outside. Watering in the evening provides ample time for water from watering to sink into the soil around your Albuquerque landscaping plants and for the plant to use it. However, there is a worry that watering in the evening may provide too much time for the water to stay on plant leaves leading to a chance for disease to occur.

Watering in the morning time can lead to water on plant leaves drying out quickly but provide a reduced chance for the water to sink into the plant soil and for plants to absorb it prior to the day becoming too hot. The bottom line here is what is the best strategy?

In nature water is required for all living things to provide the required matter needed in cells for energy for growth. Water is used by plants to deliver nutrients from soil so the plant can continue to grow and survive. Water is pulled up from the ground through plant roots and through water on plant leaves to take the place of water lost from stomata, which are plant leaves breathing holes. During photosynthesis stomata is required for the exchange of gases plants take in and put out, carbon dioxide and oxygen. During days when there are increased levels of light, like during a heat wave, plenty of carbon dioxide is used to produce plant sugars through photosynthesis. When it is extra hot out, plants need more water due to water loss so they can stay cool and not die.

Plants turn off photosynthesis and stomata during hot days when water is not available. When this happens to a plant it is taken over by photorespiration. This is when a plant lets out carbon dioxide. Xeriscaping plants that are from the desert, breathe during the nighttime and giving off carbon dioxide during the day when the stomata is turned off. However, most Albuquerque gardens to not feature all desert plants capable of this nifty bit of nature adaptation.

Get out there and revel on your patio and around your garden during the Albuquerque 2020 heat wave but be sure to water your Albuquerque home plants and lawan and do it wisely and efficiently.

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