Albuquerque Garden Beds Smart Winterization Strategies

Albuquerque Garden Beds Smart Winterization Strategies

Preparing your garden beds during winter season is not a wise thing to do. That’s because you will be having to work on a soggy spring bed during spring season. This is where you should start working on prepping the garden beds during the fall, while the beds are still dry.

In order to ensure that your garden beds wake up feeling rejuvenated after a long winter’s snooze, begin by completing these five tasks:

Collect all the leaves and create a compost pile

Remove the ageing veggies from your garden beds. Make careful to remove any vines that are unhealthy or contaminated. If the insects inside of them are not properly disposed of, they will lay eggs and come back in the spring. You may add any healthy vegetation to your compost heap.

Start mulching after the ground freezes

An excessive amount of mulch may sometimes keep the ground from freezing and destroying any disease or pests it may be supporting. Thus, don’t apply any natural mulch—such as shredded leaves or a layer of clean straw—until it has frozen. For your compost bin, the autumn season is also the ideal time to gather leaves and other organic materials. This decomposes naturally and improves the soil below, making it a great mulch for your beds.)

Take out the annuals and harvest the seeds

Remove the annuals from your garden beds after the first severe winter and add them to your compost pile if they aren’t sick. You may swap them out for cold-tolerant types if you reside somewhere with warm winters. If at all feasible, you should also collect the seeds and start drying them. You may replant them the next year to augment your newly planted areas. Garlic bulbs are also a nice addition to your bed throughout the autumn. If you give them the right quantity of fertiliser, they will last the winter and springtime growth will be explosive.

Remove all sorts of weeds

The greatest time to pull weeds from your lawn, flower beds and vegetable garden is in the autumn. You may manually remove weeds from the lawn, or if you have herbicide, now is a good time to spot-treat, particularly for weeds like sticker grass, dandelion, and thistle.

Side dress your garden beds with manure and compost

Before the ground freezes, now is an excellent opportunity to add manure, compost, peat, or leaves to your vegetable beds. When spring arrives, those nutrients will be prepared to nourish your plants.