Albuquerque Fall Perennial Planting

Cooler Albuquerque fall temperatures in 2020 are a nice change from the blazing record heat this summer. Couple with cooler humid mornings, changing grass and friendly rain clouds, fall is the best time to plant additional perennials in your Albuquerque flowerbeds and gardens. If your planting is being added to a set of perennials already planted or you are planting a new garden, the Albuquerque fall temperatures of the air and soil are at their optimum best for root growth. Additionally, planting now will free up time in the spring time to work on other spring planting projects and set the stage for a series of flower blooms that will really make your garden look amazing after a cold winter. If it happens to be that you are not a fall planting veteran, here are set of strategic tips to follow as you map out your fall perennial planting.

Complete a Summer Season Garden Assessment

When the summer ends it is a simple task to take stock and recall how the garden did overall. Flowers and landscaping plants and the entire footprint of the garden are all still viewable. Make notes on where to add specific plants, where to plant new ground cover plants and empty areas that need blooms for the early part of spring. Thinking about the garden and how it will look after an entire spring and summer of growth with all the plants and flowers you add will assist your ability to see in your mind’s eye what look like when the entire season plays out before you. Plan, and then put it in writing, figure out what plants will work best and then place your plant and flower orders right away with your local plant nursery, so you get what you need and want.

Schedule Planting

Do not put off planting transplants when it is freezing cold out. Plant roots require real time in the ground to become established. Plant a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the ground freezing. Most plant nurseries and home and garden center begin shipping in the middle of September. Since Albuquerque is really in the Southwest, you do not have to be concerned about planting early. Place your plant orders in August anyway because then you will be sure to receive your plants early on and you will get the best selection possible.

Plant Perennials in Albuquerque During Early Fall

Perennials that bloom in springtime, particularly bare root plants, do better with early fall planting. Roots will develop well when given time to grow in warm fall soil. Doing this gives the plants the needed time to develop a strong root system which will give them the best chance at sprouting strongly and come out and bloom in the spring and make your Albuquerque garden look amazing.

Albuquerque Fall Perennial Planting Summed Up

Planting perennials in your Albuquerque garden is hard work, but the hard work you put in will produce unparalleled beauty for years to come. Take the time to map out your garden perennial planting so blooms occur during the springtime and into the summer. The parade colors in your garden will bring enjoyment to you and your family, plus bring added value that makes your hard work you put during each planting payoff for years to come.

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