Albuquerque Fall Lawn Strategy Action Plan

Albuquerque fall is a beautiful time of year. The days are shorter, cooler and your lawn is more manageable. A stunning lawn is still possible in the fall even though the growth rate of the lawn is slower and less robust. Use the following lawn care strategies to turn your Albuquerque lawn into a gorgeous oasis to enjoy during the fall months.

You fought the good fight all summer long against invasive weeds, while promoting a stunning lawn and reveling in its beauty with your loved ones and all your pals. Now is the moment to get your lawn ready for the cold winter months just around the corner in under three months. By using the following these easy to follow Albuquerque fall lawn care strategies you will extend the fun and happiness your lawn provides over the fall months and get it ready to come into all its green glory in spring 2021.

Albuquerque Lawn Raking—Make it a Priority


Rake your Albuquerque lawn and make it free of leaves prior to winter snow season. Leaves fall and accumulate. Once they are on the ground they decompose, which pulls needed water away from your lawn grass. Leaves that are decomposing are a magnet for insects which can wreak havoc on your lawn. Big mats of leaves left unattended will create lawn dead spots. Dead spots are a perfect location for weeds to germinate and become the dominate plant instead of your lawn grass.

Albuquerque Lawn Aerating

Albuquerque lawn soil becomes compacted naturally due to people walking on it and due to the laws of physics and nature. Once it becomes compacted the natural soil air pockets become flattened which prevents water and food sources from feeding your lawn grass plant roots. Lawn aeration should be done in the fall and the spring to prevent this problem from occurring and to enhance your lawns overall health and plant growth in the fall and the spring when your lawn needs it the most. Over time the soil in your lawn becomes compacted, reducing the air pockets that allow nutrients and water to reach the roots of your grass. To combat this, make sure your lawn is aerated annually. Fall is a great time to do this and gives your lawn the best chance to the receive the nutrients and water it needs to grow healthy all season long.

Summing it All Up

Summing It All Up

Keeping your Albuquerque lawn health require diligence, general maintenance, and ongoing treatment. By following the recommended steps here, you will keep your lawn looking great this fall, maintain its health and get it ready to grow and be healthy in spring 2020.  

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