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Albuquerque Fall Gardening Strategies – Part One

Fall isn’t here yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to build wonderful colors like orange, yellow and light green into your Albuquerque garden or landscaping this fall. Fall gardening is fun, beautiful when it comes to fruition and it will make your home look stunning.

Growing Garden Vegetables in the Fall

For the uninitiated in fall vegetable gardening, now is a great time to start planting for a fall vegetable harvest, as well as preparing your garden for next spring. There are plenty of tasks to plan for regarding your fall garden. Featured below is how you can prepare your garden and landscaping.

Fall Gardening Strategies

When fall time approaches the weather changes and temperatures drop off,  it’s time to start planning what you’re going to do to get your garden ready for next year. There are several gardening tasks you can complete immediately to make your Albuquerque fall garden do well.

Plants are fragile, so they need the right kind of care as the seasons transition from summer to fall and then winter. Caring for them properly now will keep them from drying out and allow them to achieve new growth. There are several actions that can be take now to get your garden ready so when the weather cools off significantly it will not impact your plants negatively.

Cold Weather Garden Overwintering

Overwintering the term that covers all the tasks a home gardener needs to complete to take care of their garden before fall turns into winter and the weather becomes super cold. This may involve covering plants, removing them and taking them inside or providing an outdoor structure to keep them from the cold.

Overwintering Tasks:

  • Remove herbs and bring them inside
  • Care for bulb inventory by holding during the winter in a moisture free, cool location in your home.
  • Allow flowering bushes to lose their plumes naturally. Do not prune them as it may wreck the following year’s growth and blooming

If the year’s first frost has not occurred, do not begin overwintering now. Instead, complete fall garden upkeep now, which will assist you in getting ready for overwintering when it’s time.