5 Winning Albuquerque Landscaping Strategies You Should Know

No one wants to spend a fortune on Landscaping. However, we also desire inviting scenery. 

An appealing Landscape adds beauty and property value to your Albuquerque home or business. Enhancing your “curb appeal” is one of the most crucial ways to care for your investment! Attractive and functional landscaping design simply enriches the overall outdoor experience for your customers, family, friends and even pets. Please keep in mind, it can be a daunting task to take on the labor and design yourself. Initially, DIY may seem like the cheaper solution, but keeping in mind the time and labor required to design a beautiful healthy lawn, hiring a skilled professional is the best option. Choosing an established and respected company will ensure you avoid costly mistakes. But first, there are some things you can learn to better understand your soil and climate and help you to assist in the design of your new landscape.

Here is a list of the top 5 things to consider for your own landscaping care in Albuquerque, NM.

5 Winning Albuquerque Landscaping Strategies
You Should Know by R & S Landscaping 505-271-8419

Get Smart About Soil Categories

Numerous ingredients are required for good quality soil and plants can react to slight changes in the earth. For instance, acidity levels in the soil can determine the color of some flowers.

Certain plants thrive in drier sandy soil with swift drainage, while others favor thick clay like soil and plenty of water. There are other considerations such as silt or loam soil. Every type will have elements that plants will respond to in various ways. It is recommended to have your soil tested so you can make an informed plant selection, and to determine if supplemental soil needs to be added for healthy vegetation. Carefully selecting plants that will grow better in your own specific soil is a wise step in protecting your investment. It is possible to improve or alter soil for a particular need by adding supplements. You will want to first determine the soil you have versus the soil you need and if maintaining an advisable range is feasible. Taking these measures will ensure that you do not waste time and money, struggling to preserve it.

Plant Native Plants That Will Not Take Over Your Garden or Landscaping

To get the best results for your landscaping investment, choosing suitable plants is a must.

Understanding your soil, and the type of indigenous plants that will thrive in your region are equally essential. Using plants that are native to the climate and soil will result in less maintenance and thriving vegetation that can easily adjust and survive weather changes.

If you do decide to select non-native plants, it is vital to confirm they are from a similar environment or they most likely will die. It is also more environmentally friendly to use non-invasive plants that will not spread and kill off the native vegetation. 

Spacing Out and Location Plant is Placed Counts

You will want to get familiar with your individual plants, and their requirements for space needed for the root systems and maturing growth. Overcrowding will cause plants to choke and wither. But taking these considerations while building your design will ensure that your plants can grow and flourish.

Be Knowledgeable Regarding Your Areas Weather Climate and Flower Blooming Schedule

Different plants and flowers bloom at different times. It is a great idea to pick a variety of flowers, plants and shrubs that will bloom at different times and seasons. This will ensure that your landscaping will be inviting year-round. Staggering these blooming varieties creates and attractive cycle that flows from season to season.

Mulch is Your Garden’s Workhorse—Put it to Work for You

Using landscaping mulch is an attractive and smart strategy to use to protect your trees, plants. and bushes. It creates a barrier to help repel pests and weeds, while also absorbing excess moisture that could potentially flood and harm plants. Another added benefit, in addition to its visual appeal, is the soil enrichment! As old mulch decomposes, the nutrients are absorbed back into the soil.

Count on the Landscaping Professionals at R & S Landscaping

Having a team of professionals with an abundance of knowledge and experience, can make all the difference in creating a lovely and successful lawn or landscape design. Albuquerque homeowners and commercial property owners have counted on R & S Landscaping, the premier company offering Albuquerque landscaping services in Albuquerque, NM, for all their landscaping design and maintenance needs since 1990.